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These doomsters stay true to the oldschool roots of doom. They play very 'sabbathic' riffing doom rock. A band for those who favour the old doom gods like Bl...
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The Graviators : The Graviators

Rock-ish Doom fueled with the energy of a raging bull.

The Graviators are new kids on the block, I had never heard of them before that first album of theirs caught my eyes by its very fair price on the net: 4€! I listened to some samples and while I was at it, I bought it… What really amazed me was the singer’s voice, very Garm (from Ulver fame)- alike. What disappointed me afterwards, was to note its lack of variations on the whole; it sometimes breaks in screeching inflections and can be sustained by fading effects, but it definitely sounds too monolithic… Not everyone can be compared to Garm, that’s a fact!

Every track has its clever parts, trance-inducing riffs, groovy moods, nice and almost melancolic guitar picking (like in ‘Back to The Sabbath’), smart melodic inputs, and an overall pleasure to deliver powerful Rock music. The band builds its songs on different patterns that bring a lot of dynamic and energy. Always saving room for a bit of surprising moments, displaying the whole battery of the perfect little doomy Rocker - heavy riffs, elastic chords, brassy drumming and vrooming bass- The Graviators also happen to stumble into more inconsistent parts, seeming to get a bit lost in their songwriting.

On the course of the album, you encounter a certain amount of weaker moments where your attention goes away, before another smart hook catches your ears and make you nod the head and hit the floor; Those boring parts are fortunately not at par with the best ones but, to be frank, I’d say 1/3rd of the album flew high above my head till the chorus of the 8th song ‘she’s a witch lalalala…” and the great riff on the 9th song totally awake me, making me mourn about the loss of my two legs in a car accident… And the album flows to its end, draging in its wake a tumultuous rumble of Doom and Rock-ish Stoner, head first, like a raging bull; the last song being one hell of a trudging funerary chant that makes up for all the little mediocrities that this first full-length of The Graviators can be strewn with.

I’m sure those guys will come-up with something as energic and interesting the next time and just hope this second effort will be more focused and won’t drag in wrong directions as this one can do…

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Keep 'em Comming
Storm of Creation
Back to the Sabbath
Shapes of Babylon
Mountain Man
Saturnus '84
She's a Witch
Planet Gone

Duration : Approx. 60 minutes

Visit the The Graviators bandpage.

Reviewed on 2010-11-05 by Bertrand Marchal
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