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Mourning Lenore : Loosely Bound Infinites

Mourning Lenore hasn’t been blessed by Poe’s spirit.

Back in May, I had the pleasure to discover a new flavor in Gothic Doom Death coming from Spain, namely Helevorn. Hailing from Portugal, Mourning Lenore shared that musical definition and I thought I’d be in for the same treat with their debut entitled Loosely Bound Infinites. So? Trick or treat?

Well I suppose none of it. After a few listens now, Mourning Lenore’s music just can’t seem to make its place and gain the attention a record would deserve after the debunking of the first two listens. There is really nothing extremely bad in the Portuguese' music but then again I find also that there is nothing extremely good either. I had higher hopes especially considering they took their name after one of Edgar Allan Poe's most brilliant feats of poetry. I guess I was expecting more despair, more dramatic romance to be transcribed into music but I failed to hear that.

Again, do not get me wrong. This is not, by far, the worst thing I ever came to listen to. It’s well produced and there is definitely some nice talents in the musicianship displayed throughout the record. It just doesn’t want to grow on me. Besides the “basic” Doom Death found here with some nice melodies, we’re even served with some post- (insert whatever you wish after…) stuff that would make their music some hybrid mix of Anathema’s 'Silent Enigma' and bands like Explosions in the Sky or Russian Circles. Except the latter two I tend to consider mostly as good “Ambient” music, almost like “Elevator Music” (nothing pejorative in this, I like to chill out once in a while).

All in all, this makes for some good record to play in the background but nothing that really seizes you and takes you for some traumatic and/or beautiful experience. Maybe it was the whole purpose of this debut after all, something to chill out to rather than something to "mind-rape" you. Except I like my music with more spirit.

If you're a fan of the aforementioned bands, there's still a good chance that you'll come to enjoy this record more than I did. You could even find the ghost of Lenore who eluded me.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Contours of a Dream
2. Reminiscence
3. Everlasting
4. Unchained
5. Rain’s Seduction
6. Patterns of Empitness

Duration : Approx. 60 minutes

Visit the Mourning Lenore bandpage.

Reviewed on 2010-11-03 by Frédéric Cerfvol
Aesthetic Death
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