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Astral Sleep : Angel

The experimental Doomsters Astral Sleep return with a more back-to-basics EP.

Astral Sleep are back with a new Ep and although the material has been recorded in 2008, they sound a bit different than on their last full-length ’The Unawakening’. Let’s say more serious. The kids have grown up and the pleasure they took in writing absurd lines and awkward melodic twists has mutated into a darker approach everything Doom Death is about: tragedy, despond, emphasis, dark forces rolling like thunder.

The riffs carry more dread, the vocals more aggression, the drumming is more focused. Things are less convoluted and draw along a lot more fluently… The songwriting as a whole has gained a lot of seriousness. I used to place them in some kind of an infamous Holy Trinity of Doom together with Aarni and Umbra Nihil, they are now back on earth, among the living, taking their part of the burden like everybody else: more gloom, more grief in that ’Angel’.

Now, that’s for the music part, because on the other side of that structured face hold by coherent features, you have a more grotesque, conceptual one which still bears all the fucked-up leanings of the Finnish!

Indeed, ‘Angel’ happens to be the song's title of a Gothic band they couldn’t care less about. Though, they were frequently asked if ‘Angel’ was a song of theirs, what got them upset till they got the idea of recording a song they called ‘Angel’, so that they could answer those guys, that yes, they had written that ‘Angel’ song. Secondly, the three songs that compose that ep called ‘Angel’ are called ‘Angel’ as well! And thirdly, the lyrics are three times the same, based on ‘I see Satan all around me’, ‘Every souls like yours will perish in flames’, ‘Satan lives in our heart, God lives but he is weak’! Ok, stop laughing in the back!

This is in fact an interesting exercice, setting the same text in music throws an original light on the artistic work they are displaying: part 1 being more Death-oriented; part 2, more Black; part 3, more atmospheric. A rather intriguing concept!

On ’Angel’, Astral Sleep prove they are a really great band; what was funnily clumsy on ’The Unawakening’ is now totally mastered and their Doom is as serious as they maybe wanted it to be from the start. The 'wind of craziness' has turned into a more gentle breeze; but it feels good!

Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Angel
2. Angel
3. Angel

Duration : Approx. 31 minutes

Visit the Astral Sleep bandpage.

Reviewed on 2010-11-02 by Bertrand Marchal
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