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Eclectic self-described 'Orchestral Progressive Doom Metal' from Sydney, Rise Of Avernus span genres from Gothic Rock to Death/Doom. The former...
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Stoned Jesus : First Communion

You wonder what Stoner Doom sounds like when coming from Ukraine? Stoned Jesus bring you the answer: very orthodox.

Canonical Stoner Doom. For once Ukraine let the smoke that-makes-laugh float through the rest of the world, above the country landscapes that for years has inspired far more Death-Doom bands than Hippy ones. The local scene can now boast about Stoned Jesus. Dogmatic, the band shows yet enough skills to be worthy of international interest.

If that Jesus is the Son, His Father is Black Sabbath, His Cousin Sleep and Her Sister Acid King. Add every other big names and The Bible Stoned Jesus carries on His Heart is complete.

4 songs for a bit more than 40 minutes, that’s a big fat host that the communicant has to digest. From vintage Hard Rock do gloomy Doom, the band knows its classic and displays its cumbersome references a bit too obviously, forgetting to use their technical talent for their own benefit, what could have helped to create something more personal.

Good laid-back music, catchy riffs, moody cool leads, Stoned Jesus dwell severly in the seventies Prog Hard Rock scene. They stay therefore quite easy-listening (they’re no Electric Wizard clone for once). Although not ambitious in term of originality, Stoned Jesus’ first full-length (coming after two demos) offers a very pleasant listen: groovy, warm, fluent, not-too-psychedelic songs that almost, if we’d want to become a bit provocative, could be heard as little blind tests: where does that riff come from? Those vocal lines? That rhythm? Well, sometimes, this is really too striking! The last part of ‘Black Woods’ is directly taken from ‘Children Of The Grave’ mixed to a Hawkind-Motorhead vibe…almost a copy/past exercise.

The last song is very much in the vein of Sleep, a droney blurred Stoner Doom with lot of reverb and greasy bass. Basic and common riffs, enlighted by interesting movies’ samples.

That ’First Communion’ is still quite unmature and very much under the influence of the Holy Scriptures of Doom. They learnt their lesson well, but a bit of emancipation and critical thinking couldn’t do any harm now. Still a cool album, though.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Occult
2. Red Wine
3. Black Woods
4. Falling Apart

Duration : Approx. 40 minutes

Visit the Stoned Jesus bandpage.

Reviewed on 2010-11-02 by Bertrand Marchal
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