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Extremely noisy sludge doom with insane screaming. One of the most utterly disturbed and extreme bands out there. For fans of GranG and Khanate....
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Various Artists : The Four Dollar Ohio Kings Comp.

Never pay more than 4 dollars for this album... Why? Read on and find out!

For those of us who get red around the ears when you hear the word 'commercialism', then you'll love the whole idea behind this LP. Side b on the vinyl itself has the following printed on it: "Never pay more than FOUR DOL.. for this record", and that's just in case someone didn't get the idea behind the name of the album. Whoever resells this LP should not cash in more than what they bought it for just because it's rare. Seemingly this LP wasn't printed in more than a few hundred copies, but if you still see someone selling this LP for more than $4, then I'm sure the bands would appreciate it if you told the salesman to very kindly go and practice reproductive activities with themselves. As a side note, the b side also has the inscription "Support the wild life" on it.

Apparently Ohio is breeding these kinds of fuck-it-all bands by the litter. A lot of them are really funny. Most of the others are really pissed. The majority of the bands play hardcore (Escalation Anger, Hangnail, Hemdale, Muzzleloader, 9 Shocks Terror and Schnauzer). The rest fall in the following groups: Stoner metal (Third Degree Burnout), Sludge/Stoner/Doom (Boulder, Mammoth and Sloth) and punk rock (Disengage); and then there's the band which doesn't play by the uniform antithesis rules. Not only does 100 Thousand Leagues Under My Nutsack have one of the longest band names ever, they also play "romantic" ballads created through slow and acoustic punk rock. Honestly, the melody fits very well with what one could call romantic. However, the lyrics do not. They are more concerned with... shall we say 'copulation'?

As for the bands that play actual doom metal, they are all quite stoner-ish and with a nice, laid back groove to the music. Sloth is aided by Jeff Shirilla, the vocalist from Abdullah (he goes by the name of Juice when playing with Sloth). Not surprisingly their track sounds very much like what Abdullah made on their self-titled album.

The appearance of Mammoth is also quite special for this record. As far as I know this solo project hasn't released any other tracks before this one, and only two more Mammoth tracks have been made between then and now (which is April 2010). The fact is that this track reminds me a lot of Noothgrush as well as being generally awesome (well in my opinion anyways), makes this a rare trinket for fans of both Noothgrush and Grief.

I'm not sure whether I should recommend this LP or not. On one side it should be cheap and it has some really good doom tracks for sludge fans. It also has one of the most hilarious songs ever ('Especially For The Ladies' by 100 Thousand Leagues Under My Nutsack). On the other hand the majority of the recording time is occupied by raw hardcore bands who clearly enjoy whacking their drums really fast. I guess I'll just say that if you like both then you'll like this. If you don't, yet still fancy yourself a sludge or stoner/doom fan, then you might want to consider buying this nevertheless.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. "We likē no hero"
2. Girl From Emphysema
Escalation Anger:
3. Sewerdrenched
4. War OF The Gargantuas
5. Morphine Dump
6. Kill, Kill And Again
7. Big Business
8. Retard
9. Lover
10. All in a days work
11. Drink & Drive
12. Homage To Alcohol & Guns
13. I Punched Your Grandmother In The
Cunt, & Then Shot Her In The Face
9 Shocks Terror:
14. Not A Fucking Anthem
15. Panic Attack live WRPI-FM Troy,NY 12
MAR 97
100 Thousand Leagues Under My
16. Especially For The Ladies
17. Prey For The Kill
18. Frame Christ
19. The Crock
20. [untitled]
Third Degree Burnout:
21. Terminal Low Gear Syndrome

Duration : Approx. 42 minutes.

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Reviewed on 26-10-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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