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Sloth (US) : It May Wear Your Skin

The music on 'It May Wear Your Skin' is credited to Gino Lambert (who has apparently also played in Funeral Pyre, Decrepit and Stagnated). He's not one of the normal participants in Sloth and that might explain why 'It May Wear Your Skin' isn't your typical Sloth-track. Instead of the usual sludgecore or noisecore, it contains quite energetic, cocky hardcore. All that keeps it in reminiscence of what the band normally produces is the way that the music bounces along in a slightly silly way. In my opinion this still works out remarkably well. Hardcore works perfectly this way. To me it easily beats Slipknot, or the average instrument banging hardcore band, hands down.

The 7" lasts only four minutes (a little less, actually) so you don't really get a lot of music for your money. Nor is this a must-have for most Sloth fans. But if you do come across it for no big buck, give it a chance. If nothing else it's a really catchy track that demands that you bang your head along with it. Oh, and not to mention, you get a cover with smiling bananas on it!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. It May Wear Your Skin

Duration : Approx. 4 minutes.

Visit the Sloth (US) bandpage.

Reviewed on 25-10-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
Aesthetic Death
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