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Otkroveniya Dozhdya : Emanaciya Nenavisti

'Emanation of Hatred' is already the third full-length of the Russian Revelations of Rain. You can thank me for these informations, because all you will be allowed to read is cryptic cyrillic. The bandís name, the albumís title, the lyrics and everything else is in Russian - this doesn't happen so often that a band decides to stay faithful to its roots, so much that there's a risk of losing some potential fans on the road.
Revelations Of Rain is thus a name that doesnít exist. Itís interesting how reviewing an album by this band somehow oblige you to consider it through some kind of blurred veil, watching it from a certain distance that language sets. This re-inforces the obscure edge of the music, making it sound even more mysterious.

Those Russian fellows dispay a genuinely good Death Doom, heavy and dark. It's all very sober, yet versatile to some extent. As their label Solitude Productions puts it in the presentation sheet: ďForget about violins, roses and romanticism: only gloom and hate fill this undoubted pearl of the genre.Ē Well, indeed, you wonít have to bear that kind of decorum. Here, only serious buisness is on display: ďEmanation of HatredĒ says the title; not badly found out: not totally hateful and aggressive, but, in a more subbtle way, hints of brutality and bits of violence. Thatís the major flaws I would stamp on this album and on the band as a whole (I feel allowed to , since I'v been following them from the start): itís a bit too restrained, too modest. And maybe, too subbtle.

The album is made of some grey landscapes where every aspects - the melodic modulations, the dynamics- are gently and sofly articulated together to write a dark and gloomy poem. I listened to it four, five times, scratching my head, trying to decipher something; and yet, keeping it on heavy rotations because I felt something was going on that was really good. I ended up claiming: ďthis album is excellent Death Doom!Ē, while Iím still quite unable to distinguish between the different tracks, each of them bearing the same kind of stigmata on the mend.

This is not to say that 'Emanation of Hatred' lacks any edges you can cling your attention onto: as I said here above, it's quite the contrary: that's the drumming that mostly sustains and leads the songwriting in a very clever way: now hectic, now thunderous, it helps greatly to energize the whole. The growls are very deep and happen to mutate into icy Black-ish shrieks. The bass-play is rich and varied.

But what makes them really interesting is the atmosphere, the melancolic views. The music all progresses very fluently: the tracks draw not-too-precise outlines, each repeating the other, echoing despondent feeling, carrying along deep and almost introverted emotions.

As I said, Iíve been following them since the start, and they only became better and better, darker, more personal and more moving; a dramatic voyage through misty landscapes where gleams a secret spirituality. If Revelations of Rain donít shine in any way and wonít attract crowds of fans, itís all the better; under the monochrome, lies its true complexity. You just have to give them time.

Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Time
2. Our Cathedral
3. Antithesis Of Life
4. Salvia Divinorum
5. Hidden
6. Mortido
7. In Expectation Of Awakenin

Duration : Approx. 48 minutes

Visit the Otkroveniya Dozhdya bandpage.

Reviewed on 22-10-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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