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Hailing from Easthampton, Massachusetts, Vacant Eyes was started as a solo project in 2011 by previously Death/Black metaller Josh Moran. By 2014, after ...
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The Howling Void : Shadows Over the Cosmos

Oh man, that is good!

'Shadows Over The Cosmos' is the second full-length of the Howling Void. An american one-man project that displays the kind of icy soundscapes you usually encounter in the frozen solitude of the Ural steppes. This second opus comes after an already more-than-good album and brings all the potential of the latter to an even deeper, wider scale.

Carving utterly despondent melodic lines, the guitars are the trademark of The Howling Void. Howling guitars indeed, dropping crushing notes, droning despair and grief. And sad, sad, sad lighter melodies that grasp you by the throat. No anger or aggressiveness of any kind in this whirling emotional maelstrom, but an ode to melancholy and bigger-than-life feelings. Powerfully gloomy and dark 'Shadows Over The Cosmos' will prostrated you by its incredible mix of Doom and Bliss. The Howling Void is something like a unique voyage, a masterpiece of mellow Funeral Doom, it’ll make you shiver out of contentment and gratitude.

Majesty is everywhere: in the weeping leads, the drumming, the crushing rhythm guitar, the deep thundering growls, the overwhelming sound. Without any big variations, the album flows over dark romantic oceans, like a poet’s tragic dream, to a shadowy magic destination; like a big vessel full of inner hopes and joys, but gleaming of a bitter despair from the outside.

Excessively well controlled keyboard, not overly present, help to sustain the stucture, widening its scope. Dramatic without sounding cliché or cheap, the album runs fluent, obvious - altough you can hear the amount of hard work that has been involved in this piece of art.

Shadow over the Cosmos is an expertly crafted piece of Funeral Doom. Mellow yes, but oh-so-beautiful. Maybe overly romantic for some but the strength of the emotions can’t be denied.

Add to that excellence a beautiful artwork, a cristal clear, well-balanced production and you can only salute the artist who gave birth to that gem. Just Bravo!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Primordial Gloom
2. Shadows Over the Cosmos
3. Wanderer of the Wastes
4. The Hidden Sun
5. Lord of the Black Gulf

Duration : Approx. 58 minutes

Visit the The Howling Void bandpage.

Reviewed on 20-09-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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