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Lethargy Of Death : Necrology

If keyboard-driven Funeral Doom makes your ears bleed and your nose drip, stay away from this album: keyboard is the main attraction, the epicentre of its dark architecture. You can hear it much better that the drums for instance and even the crunchy guitars sound far away in the symphonic vortex Lethargy Of Death organize with care and … well yes, talent.

I didn’t expect that but its all very well done, like a mix between Shape of Despair for the vocals and the overly symphonic approach and Skepticism for the dread and the organ-like synths. ’Necrology’ is the third album of this chilean one-man band, it comes after two eps and 6 years of activities. I don’t know how the other works can sound, but this is quite mastered as a matter of fact. Dark ambient, droning and dramatic waves of synth whirl and expand in the void where a thin raspy voice murmurs its last word before vanishing . those very ambient non-doom passages (piano, voice, keys) bear a strange force of suggestion; tiny child voices can be heard in the distance, crying like out of an abandonned nursery. It’s the big force of this release, beyond it’s funeray abilities and all the Shape of Despair possible comparisons, it evokes things that crawl and memories that shiver beneath the frozen surface.

It all progresses very slowly, repeating the same patterns over and over like an eternal sunset. I like the way some guitar lines weep in the background, this is warm and carefuly set with a vast emotional magnitude.

Lethargy of Death is aimed to those who like their doom soft, a wait-and-see bleak and atmospheric music. Mellow and round, it doesn’t offer anything you wouldn’t have heard elsewhere but it’s rightly done, with a good understanding of the goals of Funeral Doom. I can only regret the clumsy plastic drummings that seem to have to stay the forever-weakest part in those one-man bands… As often, it detracts from some (and sometimes a lot) of the efficiency, if not of the sincerity and overall interest.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Damnation
2. Death
3. Remains of a Remembrance
4. The Treason
5. Essential Process
6. Adrift
7. Finale

Duration : Approx. 57 minutes

Visit the Lethargy Of Death bandpage.

Reviewed on 17-09-2010 by Bertrand marchal
Forever Autumn
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