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The Sullen Route : Madness of My Own Design

One thing Holy Mother Russia never seems to be short of are, beside vodka, Doom/Death bands. Hailing from Volgograd, The Sullen Route come up with their first album, released by the now omnipresent Solitude Productions.

The first thing you notice is the sound quality. The guitars are very thick (quite normal) but also relentless: it is very remote from the many My Dying Bride’s clones as the home of Ivan The Terrible usually insists on sending us. They develop the kind of dynamic you find in Mourning Beloveth e.g.: it is namely built on a very prominent guitars’ playing over a doomy rhythmic section, alternating between heavy riffs and more melodic solos. The speed, as often in Russian Doom, goes mid-down-tempo whereas the voice perfectly impersonates a grizzly that would have been disturbed in the middle of its hibernation. A few acoustic passages lighten the recipe like in the song 'I Come With The Rain'.

As a matter of fact, let’s be honest: The Sullen Route are just a new addition to an already huge list of Doom/Death Metal bands. ‘What could motivate me to get this disc?’ might you ask? Beyond the quality of the interpretation, it is the personality of the band that wins my support. While dealing with the usual themes of Russian Doom (suffering, abandonment, loneliness, melancholy), The Sullen Route develop them in the Lautreamont way: the band absorbs those feelings instead of letting them overwhelm their music, and it uses them as a driving force against the whole world. It is this 'angry' aspect that allows The Sullen Route to be a little more than a good copy.

Time will tell if this is the outline of a true musical personality or just a test shot. Meanwhile, the album is damn good enough to merit the attention of any Doom/Death fan who would look for a new name to put on his list of bands worthy of being listened to.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Dagon
2. Gates
3. I Come With The Rain
4. My Autumn Call
5. Sullen Route
6. Madness Of My Own Design
7. No Memories, No Matter
8. One Way For Burning

Duration : Approx. 53 minutes

Visit the The Sullen Route bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-09-2010 by Laurent Lignon
No God Only Pain
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