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The original intention behind Profan was to make a death/black project. After a few years which saw little activity from the band, it revived as a far da...
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Mistress of the Dead : Buried

The one-man project named Mistress of the Dead released an impressive ten demos - all of which were made during just three years (though, only three of them have been officially released) - before finally releasing an album. This review is of the re-release of the third demo, and I can assure you that this project was at this point churning out material which were already album-worthy in both sound quality and musicianship. Epidemie Records did right in re-releasing this one.

I can only describe the funeral doom of 'Buried' as the dull ache which is left behind in the soul once despair has drowned the realization of hopelessness. It is a musical representation of the point just before reaching apathy; the point where the internal, lonely void still holds a small connection to the remorse of all which life should have been; the point when the surviving spouse acknowledges the others demise, but have yet to find any hope of a life beyond the one they had planned together. According to the lyrics this can also be thought of as the point where the spirit mourns its departure from the husk before it is pulled away by the vortex of "creatures sentenced to eternal anguish", spiraling downwards. 'Buried' is a journey, from death to damnation.

This demo recaptures the grief of Worship's 'Last Tape Before Doomsday' (and its re-releases). Anyone who is into that kind of funeral doom might want to try this release. At least I found it to be the sign of a worthy worshipper.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Buried
2. Cinerary Rain
3. Vortex

Duration : Approx. 57 minutes.

Visit the Mistress of the Dead bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-09-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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