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Black Swan : When The Angels of Twilight Dance

Dolorian began with Black Swan, a melodic black metal band.

This is basically a non-doomy melodic black metal release. So why is it reviewed on doom-metal.com? Because two of the band's members were Annti Haapapuro and Ari Kukkohovi - a duo who founded the dark doom/black project called Dolorian. This is a review dedicated to all fans of Dolorian and it is meant to give you an idea of what ashes the project were made from.

The musical connection between Black Swan and Dolorian is very slim, but it is present. Haapapuro uses a set of vocals much like the one that we can find on Dolorian's debut album 'When All The Laughter Has Gone'. It must be said that his vocals did mature during the year that separates the end og Black Swan and the beginning of Dolorian. You will also find present on this album the chimes which you can hear on Dolorian's debut. It is not unlikely that Annti and Ari got the idea during their stay in Black Swan, but then again they might well be the ones who had the idea in the first place.

Track 2, 'Under Cloak And Hood', is the one that resembles Dolorian the most. But unless you actively look for the similarities, the chance of noticing them isn't very good. In fact, if you were to pick one doom band that plays the most similar music to the one that Black Swan plays, then it would have to be Winterkou. And even then it's rather far fetched to compare them.

The melodic black metal found on this disc is basic for its kind, with a focus on melancholy. It has a somewhat rich and often slightly majestic sound, which takes much of the aggression out of the music. So, I guess an appropriate description would be that this is mid- to high paced depression, with a hint of what I can only describe as playfulness. Many people call them cheesy, but I actually found the melodies on many of the songs to be quite enjoyable. On the other hand they don't do anything that really sets them apart from the sub-genre at large.

Many people would probably ask if I would recommend this to any doomsters. Well, doomsters are individuals just like everyone else and some of them, like me, do enjoy other genres. If you're looking for something doomy then this isn't what you're looking for. But if you're looking for melodic black metal that fits nicely on the ears, then you might want to investigate this one further.

To all the Dolorian fans out there, I hope you enjoyed this little bit of pre-Dolorian history. At least I personally find that music gets more special when you also know where it came from.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Travastian Parade
2. Under Cloak And Hood
3. Into The Sea Of Sorrow
4. Autumn In Eden
5. The Withering Flower Of Life
6. Mist
7. To Behold The Sky Of Flames
8. When The Angels Of Twilight Dance

Duration : Approx. 47 minutes.

Visit the Black Swan bandpage.

Reviewed on 21-08-2010 by Arnstein H. Pettersen
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