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For a traditional doom band of the slower kind and containing a horror movie theme, the music is surprisingly depressive. Perhaps even nihilistic? Caskets Op...
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Aeoga : Zenith Beyond The Helix-Locus

Yet again Anti Ittna Haapapuro has outdone himself. Whereas his earlier creations have been truly disturbing and angst inducing, this one passes even that. As before, the music has a shamanic touch and a total lack of melody. But this time the hideousness is supplemented by a these brutal, unnerving and unsettling noises.

The extremity of this album makes me unsure whether or not this could have been made by humans at all. For example, it says on the inlay: "The One from the distance comes closer. By his stride the waters crackle and the shores echoes. Wooden walls thunder - a breathless pathfinder leads further." Judging from the sound of that, it is not too far fetched to say that entities greater than man could be at work here.

There is of course something mysterious in addition to the unsettling. The music is trancelike and with voices that appear to drown in the noise. It is like a seer who watches the truth beyond the mortal world, flickering before the minds eye. These visions are of course intense and frightening ones, but still they allure.

As usual there is something highly original about the casing of the CD. After all Aural Hypnox has a policy of doing something hand made on all their releases. On this one they have folded a cardboard cover the size of a 7" folder and put it in a plastic pocket of the same size. Their originality never seizes.

I recommend that if you haven't heard the first Aeoga release, 'Coav', or the early Halo Manash or I.Corax stuff, then you do so before listening to this. I think you have to be prepared before listening to this CD. It's more extreme than I can describe with words. Still, I highly recommend this album. It is a truly intense experience.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Impenetrable-Chimera
2. Permuting-Remote-Shrieks
3. Ash-Breath
4. Reptilevitation
5. Interplanary
6. Burialgae-Resonance
7. Birthcry
8. Owleye-Mandalchemy
9. Impulses
10. Winged-Beings
11. Prism-Mountain
12. Implosion
13. Voidclusm
14. Salamander-Maqet
15. Lustrous-Kosmolesion

Duration : Approx. 67 minutes.

Visit the Aeoga bandpage.

Reviewed on 20-08-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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