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InSomnius Dei : Illusions Of Silence

InSomnius Dei is a two man project from Australia where both of the members also play in the highly acclaimed band The Eternal. In fact, the projects vocalist, guitarist and drummer is Mark Kelson, one of the two founding fathers of the motherband. The other member is main vocalist and bassist Terry Vainoras who in addition to playing with Mark in The Eternal also have a lot of experience from several different death metal bands such as Order of Chaos and Damaged. He can now add a melodic doom/death venture to his list.

This project seems to have tried to avoid many of the soundalike traps in the current scene. While there is a clear hint of "Firebox-sound" and a nod towards here and there, it still manages this task quite well. Others have compared the band to the unusual influence called Pink Floyd. Though my knowledge of this band is shamefully low compared to the importance they have played in the musical world, I find that there is indeed something 'Meddle' in many of the tracks. However I wouldn't go as far as to claim that it's more than an occasional element in the music. I'd much rather argue that it's got more and stronger influences from all the years that Mark's been playing in The Eternal.

While Mark has made most of the music, the lyrics have been Terry's job. They vary between the suicidality tradition and a few more original pieces. One ('Seven Burning Eyes') seems to me to be about paranoia and the feeling of being watched. Even more unorthodox is the one ('Absent') which I believe to be a piece about the suppression that women experience and the naivety of doing this.

But perhaps my favourite amongst the tracks is the highly atmospheric 'The Aftermath'. It contains mostly a sparse bright, yet sombre guitarplay and a recording of someone walking in the rain, unlocking a door, stepping in, and the album ends as the door closes. Symbolic...

My final verdict would probably be that this album is probably well suited for most who like The Eternal, Swallow the Sun, and in general melodic doom/death bands with an emphasis on richness and mellow atmosphere. The aura itself has made this one of my absolute favourites amongst the Firebox releases and is thus recommended.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. For The Memories Of My Past
2. Seven Burning Eyes
3. Illusions Of Silence
4. A Funeral Sky
5. Absent
6. Terminal
7. The Aftermath

Duration : Approx. 61 minutes.

Visit the InSomnius Dei bandpage.

Reviewed on 19-08-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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