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Rainbird : Poets' Blood

[note by author: On my copy the title of this album is written 'Poet's Blood' on the front of the cover and on the CD, but it's also spelled 'Poets' Blood' on the sides of the cover. The latter one is the correct one according to the label, and it seems that newer covers do not have this error.]

Rainbird is a side project by the members of a Belarussian band called Screaming From The Oblivion. The bonus track that is included, 'Screaming From The Oblivion - Dreamer (demo 2002)', comes from a Screaming from the Oblivion demo called 'The Statues' World' and provides a very good comparison between the main band and the project. The bonus track has a simplistic feeling to itself with an "older" style of synths and strong similarities to old Lacrimas Profundere. The Rainbird sound has got some groove to it in a modern Jack Frost way with elements of My Dying Bride. The clean vocals are especially typical for the latter. In common for the two is that they both border on melancholic rock in the vein of Canaan.

This is an album of highs and lows. Some of the tracks include some nuisances in the form of sudden and disharmonious stops in the music. Others such as 'To Know Her Name' isn't half bad. Personally I prefer the sound from the band before the one from the project, and since this track is the one who comes closest to it, I guess there is no real surprise that it's also my favourite from this album. It's slow and has got a real feeling in it's sadness, something which the others - sadly - lack.

While my verdict of this CD isn't optimistic, I won't claim that everyone else will feel this way. What's a nuisance to me might appeal to others. I believe fans of Canaan and The Sun of Weakness would be the right audience for this. For fans of other types of gothic metal, I would rather recommend what Screaming from the Oblivion has to offer.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Before The Storm
2. Poets' Blood
3. Burning
4. Timeless
5. To Know Her Name
6. Reflections
7. Damned
8. Screaming From The Oblivion - Dreamer (demo 2002) [bonus track]

Duration : Approx. 48 minutes.

Visit the Rainbird bandpage.

Reviewed on 15-08-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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