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Mary Bell : Mary Bell

"Fall foul of death, screamed the violent hordes
And on dope filled lungs of promised revenge
Our chorus rose to hate filled skies
with faces contorted in sardonic grin
release us from the burden of life
and let us rejoice in your depression,
we will kill you all........"

I included this text, written on the albums inlay, because I feel it describes this music so well. In particular the screamed vokills by Pit is filled to the brim with utter contempt. Mary Bell is a band that continues a tradition started by Grief, 13 and Noothgrush; a tradition of slow, raw and inhuman doom/sludge. The production is a tad better than on the underground vinyl releases that's so common among the three aforementioned, but the sound itself has been taken a notch towards the more extreme. This is black bile in concentrated form. A Mary Bell party is a flop if anyone survives.

Mary Bell hails from Utrecht (even the town name have an aggressive taste!) in the Netherlands. This self-titled album was recorded in June 2005, nearly two years before it was released and only one year after the band was founded. Yet this sounds more promising than many bands who have played for years. It's almost as if they were born to hate. This hatred is perhaps best shown in the 24 minute epic - yes, it lasts half the album! - 'Delirium'. It's almost like taking the strongest stuff made by Tyranny and mixing it with blood from a freshly slit throat.

The direction that Mary Bell has taken combines many of my favourite elements in filthy doom metal. As such they have come to be one of my favourites in the genre. Sludge-doomsters who like the extreme should take a close listen to this. It cuts your soul with a knife, so don't be surprised if your ears bleed a little.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
|. Stone The Martyr
||. Torture
|||. Armageddon Jam
||||. Midnight Mess
|||||. Delirium

Duration : Approx. 49 minutes.

Visit the Mary Bell bandpage.

Reviewed on 13-08-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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