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Ego Depths : Follow the Skua

When I’ll be older, I think I’ll tell my grandchildren the tales of Doom Metal by the fireplace. How I first got awestruck with Winter’s Into Darkness, how I came to fall in love with My Dying Bride’s Towards the Sinister, etc. As age will take its toll on me and my memory, I am very much certain that I will only remember the glorious moments of this very fine music. Everything average or so-so will be long forgotten and only the very essence will linger.

Still as much as I think one is always keen to reminisce about the good times and let go off filler memories, one can certainly remember crystal clear the painful moments. Follow the Skua looks like it's doomed to fall in the latter category.

This split album is made of two tracks from Ego Depths and another five from Dispersive Light, both being Ukrainian bands. I wouldn’t want to be too easy but one has to accept the fact that former socialist republics are plagued with insignificant Drone/Funeral basement-based projects and though a few bands have really given the genre something to remember, most of it is just a waste of time and good taste.

Ego Depths is unfortunately a very dull band. Try picturing Esoteric playing for 10 to 20 minutes songs with no precise scheme in mind, just a random association of notes that lead nowhere but to a painful conclusion. I wrote Esoteric because the sound is somehow similar but as much as I can feel utter depression with the Brits' music, this Ego Depths is so... well.... empty and hollow that nothing comes even close to the aforementioned feeling. So you have two filler tracks, the first one, an excruciating long instrumental track over 11 minutes (was it supposed to be some long intro?) and another almost 18 minutes laced with keys a la Skepticism but altogether emotionless that treads on and on for something that feels like twice an eternity.

Then the nightmare ends to be replaced by a feeling of sheer brain amputation. Dispersive Light. Okay, Drone Doom, they say. Well sure, but it’s nothing close to Bunkur's Bludgeon or the behemoths of the genre. Again, five tracks that feel like one big moment of extreme agony. Except you’re not feeling their agony, but yours as you're longing to hear the final note so that you can play something that you will actually ENJOY.

Just to let you know, (you might as well learn something while reading this), a Skua is a large sea-bird. I guess there was something about these songs that somehow must have had the purpose of letting you feel as if you were at sea, except my only valid theory would be very deep in the sea, very, very deep, like Mariana Trench deep.

Am I over-exaggerating? Nope. And please bear in mind that you’re "only" reading this. I had to actually listen to this three times because I felt it was my duty to know what I'm really talking about. Rest assured, I won't play it a fourth time.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Ego Depths
1. Henceforth I Suffer (Instrumental)
2. Let Us Prey For their Worthless Life

Dispersive Light
3. Sura Mrod
4. Baal
5. Purple Twilights
6. Incest Autumn Winds
7. Little Owl

Duration : Approx. 59 minutes

Visit the Ego Depths bandpage.

Reviewed on 12-08-2010 by Frédéric Cerfvol
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