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Omega Massif : Geisterstadt

OMEGA : the end of all that is.
MASSIF : french word for 'massive'.

2 years after their impressive first demo, the german instrumental Post-Doom outfit strike again with a first album that is clearly representative of their monicker. Looking at it, it's shorter than the demo with more songs, and on the first listening session I was pretty much disappointed : less heavy, more melodic.

What a fool I was!!

The music is still earthshaking and the riffs could break the Moon in half without even the band members taking a sweat. What makes the main difference between the demo and the album is that the band has managed to produce a more sensitive music.

Now, all songs follow the same casual Post-related formula of a slow start followed by a planet crashing into your room, but Omega Massif manage to make it so well that it sounds like if they had invented the said-formula.

1.50 minutes out after 'In Der Mine' has started, you'll wish yourself to get out of that earthly womb in hope of catching a bit of fresh air and of sun...which won't happen, as the dark and foggy 'Geisterstadt' will then send some shivers down your spine, and cold sweat all along. Each song manage to be different from the other, while following more or less the same path. Even fans of classic 80's Shoegaze, or its more recent Black Metal influenced incarnation, will find things to love in this album.

The only downside being simply that the album ends too quickly, even a bit too abruptly for my liking, and also the fact that it took me a lot longer to actually dive into the music compared to the demo. But with a sound as huge as this, with songs as brain crushing as 'Nebelwand' and 'Exodus', this is the kind of album worthy of every penny you'll put in it. Go on, it has been re-released recently as a nice digipack with their demo as a bonus disc. This is the future of Doom Metal, and what a magnificent future it'll be!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. In Der Mine
2. Geisterstadt
3. Nebelwand
4. Unter Null
5. Arcanum
6. Exodus

Duration : Approx. 44 minutes

Visit the Omega Massif bandpage.

Reviewed on 12-08-2010 by Laurent Lignon
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