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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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When the technical thrash band Fifth Dominion came to an edn in 1995, Arcane Sun rose from it's ashes. It was a four piece from Dublin that...
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Sloth (US) : Shitstorm/Sloth Split

This split is filled with short tracks of extreme noise mixed with core. Shitstorm do their nasty stuff in the name of grind, while Sloth spread weirdness through sludge. Two very different genres, but the noise and intensity of the music still tie the two bands closely together, thrashing around in a pool of liquid feces.

Shitstorm is a young band, being formed in 2004, and this is their debut. Even with thick noise they manage to create distinguishable riffage and grind their way through five tracks, each shorter than a minute. Through this limited timespan they manage to spread some really fucked up aggression.

This split is the first in Sloth's Lack Of Sleep series. The second part was released as a seperate CDr demo called 'Sloth's Lack Of Sleep Volume 2 (No Pun Intended)', which, curiously enough, was released first. The tracks here sound somewhat like a mixture of the second part and what the band presents on their split with CSMD. It's basically distorted vocals, a core rhythm with a little guitar, and sharp, strange noises that invade your head. Listening to this for a longer period will create a disturbed musac effect.

Both bands create some of the most extreme stuff within their respective genres. As a bonus it's fucking great too. Thus, while this split was released in a number of 300 copies, I still expect this one to have become hard to find.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Hell We Call Home
2. Shitstorm
3. Weapon Of Choice
4. Locked Up
5. Turtleviolence

6. "Lack Of Sleep Vol. #1" (No Pun Intended) Part 1
7. "Lack Of Sleep Vol. #1" (No Pun Intended) Part 2
8. "Lack Of Sleep Vol. #1" (No Pun Intended) Part 3
9. "Lack Of Sleep Vol. #1" (No Pun Intended) Part 4

Duration : Approx. 7 minutes.

Visit the Sloth (US) bandpage.

Reviewed on 12-08-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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