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In Death I Become : The Muse of Tragedy

On the demo which preceded this album, 'As the Razors Kiss the Flesh...', the band played doomy gothic metal with a fair amount of melancholy in the sound. As mentioned in the review of that demo, back then the band had a long way to go to stand apart from other bands. In 'The Muse of Tragedy' I find that they've found a less traveled road as well as a something (which I cannot put my finger on) which tells me that they're closer to finding their own sound than before. However, the same something (for the same unknown reasons) also seems to say that they're still not completely comfortable in their own music. The band might of course feel differently.

The gothic/death tracks still contain an amount of sadness in it. However, I find that the pace they wish to keep, which is relatively high, chugs away much of it. I'm a doomster in soul and that might explain my experience of the music. The almost monotonous semi-spoken vocals - in the vein of Woods of Ypres and Nathan P. Holly - are the only things that, in my ears, keeps the mood at a little less than content. To me it all sounds like someone who's bored to death, but not really melancholic or depressed in any way. But no matter what I think, the fact that the band seems to disagree with me is a clear indication that there are those who cannot even imagine what I'm on about if they were to give this album a spin.

I have to admit that the mastering of the album, and then in particular on the semi-spoken vocals, ruins some of the experience here for me. But even so there are moments of light in the darkness. There are a few tracks which stand out as promising and then in particular 'A Study in Sanguine'. It's got a catchy guitar melody, nice tempo changes and varied sections which fit nicely together. This one might well be a crowd pleaser when the band plays live. It still has the mastering problems, but a good track always outweighs that on the "pleasantness" scale.

I guess I'll end this review by evaluating whether this is of interest to the general doomster or not. If I had to guess then I'd say that it won't be. But at the same time there are some doom sections here and there which some doom/death fanatics might enjoy. What I am pretty certain of is that, despite the strong gothic elements, this isn't something which most doom/gothic fans would fancy.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Agony & Despair
2. The Wandering
3. I Lie in the Hourglass
4. A Grim Wind
5. Kingdom in Ruin
6. The Blessed Curse
7. A Study in Sanguine
8. In The Tides of the North
9. City of Stone
10. Your Eyes Betray You

Duration : Approx. 45 minutes.

Visit the In Death I Become bandpage.

Reviewed on 03-08-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
Hate Your Guts Records
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