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Blackwater Plague : Season For The Misanthrope

Backwater Plague is the Doom project of Tomi Kankainen, who was previously handling the bass duties for some very different types of bands, such as Morningstar, Heathen Hoof or Murder In Art. When Tomi goes Doom, he brings his Heathen Hoof friends along, drummer Juuso Raatikainen and percussionist Harri Mäkinen.

Musically, what is displayed here is a curious mix between Traditional Doom and 70's Prog Rock, all this supported by strong social-themed lyrics . On top of that, you can add a venomous sense of melodies and choruses : it is hard to forget any of the four songs displayed here, and you could even hum some parts while taking your shower.

Despite all this, Backwater Plague is neither heavy or crushing. It's rather brooding, with mid-tempos always lurking around, but there's a more Rock feeling underneath all that than your classic Metal one. Imagine for example Saint-Vitus with the same talent for choruses than KISS and the arrangements of your classic Uriah Heep and you'll get a small idea of what I'm talking about.

Vocals are more than once taking a trip in the Hard Rock/AOR part of the musical spectrum, which goes fine with me and brings some more personality. All the songs here could be released as a single and get into the charts before anyone would notice the dark, horror-like Paul Chain-esque atmospheres you'll find lurking in the background.

I don't exactly know what music Backwater Plague wanted to create, but they have ended in creating their own path, and this is something which is hard for a band to do. What makes this release really interesting is the fact that only old recipes are used instead of going strictly avant-garde, with all the current Post-something trend raging elsewhere. Any fan of Antonius Rex or Northwinds will likely get as charmed as I've been by this release.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Stone Cold Trail
2. Welcome To The Fall
3. Shallow End Of The Soul
4. In The Heart Of Darkness

Duration : Approx. 22 minutes

Visit the Blackwater Plague bandpage.

Reviewed on 02-08-2010 by Laurent Lignon
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