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Samsara Blues Experiment : Long Distance Trip

You know, there is a time for everything, to each season its moods, its fragrances. In summer, you have the sun that is showing up a bit more often, you have people smiling, ice creams, girls with short skirts and...yeah, flies and bees droning all around your head and mosquitos biting you at night and sweat dripping from your armpits.. Well to each season its particularities. In summer, I like to listen to some good laid-back Stoner Rock stuff rather than to some ugly depressive blackened Funereal Doom from the vault. Hey, nobody’s perfect!

Happily enough, there are bands like Samsara Blues Experiment which pretty sum it up all in their name: Samsara = drug-infused = oriental sensuality = heady perfumes ; Blues = Mississipi River = muddy swamps = nigger’s melancholy ; Experiment = jam = versatile songwriting = relaxation = imaginative music.

SBE is only a German foursome but the amount of instruments the sole Christian Peters handles is astonishing: beside singing he plays – and plays well : electric guitars, acoustic guitar, sitar, synths, organ and electric tanpura (don’t ask me what it is, all I can tell you is that it obviously sounds great). His fellows take care of what he left them: bass and effects (Richard Behrens), drums (Thomas Vedder ), electric guitars and effects - 'cause two is never too much- (Hans Eiselt).

The result is some kind of a musical Mississipi: a long river that stretches from West (Stoner-Rock-Blues-Sabbathy worshipping) to East (Indian dreamy patterns), slowly flowing through mountains and plains, splaying into vast and tranquil coves, turning into wilder torrents, swirling and whirling, then opening into a complex delta, carrying along wild memories, savage stories full of melodramatic accents. SBE is an entertaining and exciting geographical voyage, it reveals its expressive reliefs step by step, meander after meander; from slide guitar to crushing riffs, from somber raspy vocals to cascading leads, from Folk-ish melodies to subaquatic bubbles, from delicate arpeggios to heat storm, from oppressive Doom to Taj Mahal gleam. Hard to grasp, huh? Anyway are you always able to describe the peasure you experienced in a trip when forced to tell about it?

Let you drift with this crazy jam, let you melt in the river, become an little alga carried away by the current. This is the soundtrack for your summer, you couldn’t dream of something more appropriate, more evocative and enthralling. Cheers to them!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Singata Mystic Queen
2. Army Of Ignorance
3. For The Lost Souls
4. Center Of The Sun*
5. Wheel Of Life
6. Double Freedom

Duration : Approx. ??? minutes

Visit the Samsara Blues Experiment bandpage.

Reviewed on 27-07-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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