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Ubi Sunt is a one-man Funeral Doom act based upon the works of Thomas Campion and Solage, thus conveying (slight) Medieval/Renaissance overtones. ...
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Rote Mare : Funeral Songs

Compared to the first Rote Mare demo, 'Funeral Songs' has grown a tad darker and a tad heavier. It clearly remains in the vein of bands such as Reverend Bizarre, with thick fuzzy riffage and a pushy attitude. A very fit sound for such strong lyrics, which, by the way, has lost one of their aspects since 'American Terrorist': the strong political view. This time it's a more depressive approach where the Christian religion is in the line of fire; Phil clearly finds it utterly misleading and corrupting. Here he goes as far as to claim that it ruins life on earth: "My apocalypse is everyones, so that we can get along." Powerful stuff, just like the bass!

'Funeral Songs' is without doubt one of the heaviest traditional doom releases I've heard in a long time. Especially the semi-title track 'Funeral Song' will pass even the highest expectations. However, for those who were looking for Black Sabbath style riffage, then you'd be let down. It's just too heavy for any bounces in the riffage. On the other hand this is one of very few traditional doom projects who are massive enough and with the gravitational pull that would make it appeal to fans of something as unusual as Sunn O))). Undoubtedly, this could invoke it's very own end of the world, just like the lyrics proclaim a wish for, if the speakers were big enough. Or at least severely damage a small continent.

This CD would certainly appeal to fans of both aforementioned bands as well as those who enjoyed the two last YOB albums. But I feel I should warn all religious Christians, you might get really offended by the lyrics. On the other hand, the heavy-philes who do not mind the anti-Christian sentiment would do well in checking out Rote Mare.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Altar Of Greed
2. The Ride
3. Funeral Song
4. Good News For Modern Man
5. The Well Of Sorrows

Duration : Approx. 50 minutes.

Visit the Rote Mare bandpage.

Reviewed on 27-07-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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