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Fleshpress : Fleshpress

This album was originally released on LP by the Finnish label Kult of Nihilow in 2001, but only in 332 copies. Fortunately Shifty Records re-released as a slipcase CD in 2004, spreading what would otherwise been a rare slab of heavy filth to the masses of doom/sludge fans. It is my that this is one of those releases which really catch you up into the flow of the music, something which isn't all that usual within the genre, due to the fact that they really nail the effectiveness of simple and bass rich riffage.

Fleshpress might have a harsh name, and while they clearly belong to an extreme style of music, they're still not as inaccessible and über-extreme as many other bands aim to be. The guitars and bass are less distorted than what one often find and the melodies have a stonerish feeling to it, which make me connect this with Eyehategod, undeniably one of the biggest names (if not the biggest) in the genre. They also have similarities to bands such as Correupted, but again, they are less extreme. Perhaps the closest comparison is to the sludgy side of Sons Of Otis or the slowest sections of 3D House of Beef.

As a little bit of trivia on track IV, the word 'bongoloid' means someone who has gotten themselves retarded on marijuana. What being 'jumibian' means, I have no idea. However, it sounds fittingly psychadelic, and it's the only song with weed-green elements. [edit by author: After writing this review I found out that 'jumibia' is a term used to describe a kind of dyslexia-like disorder.]

Since I believe that these guys have something to offer most doom/sludge fans, I would recommend this album to all, except those who want their doom/sludge as filthy as possible and who will not take even the most massive heaviness as a replacement. The music is surprisingly well mastered and made by people who clearly know their instruments. However, I still don't expect this to become any classic release. My prophecy is that it'll remain a tasty, although bile sprinkled, morsel for those interested.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
I. Rise Of The Superior
II. ...All Things Broken
III. Trust No one - Coming Home
IV. Jumibian Bongoloid
V. (    )

Duration : Approx. 36 minutes.

Visit the Fleshpress bandpage.

Reviewed on 27-07-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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