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Slow and heavy stoner/doom with Ozzy-style vocals and a very laid back attitude. There is even some strong 60's psychadelic rock influences. The band did origin...
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Lord Of Doubts : Lord Of Doubts

Now that the Iron Curtain has fallen down, we all know that it wasn't a meteor in Tunguska but, depending on your views on the World, either a rather misplaced attempt at summoning Azathoth or a spaceship with a bad landing timing .

Any ways, it was an event that brought something huge to Russia, namely an Electric Wizard record. Locked and studied by the USSR scientists for years, it ended in the hands of 3 guys from Moscow and they've learnt their lesson well. To make it short : this first release of Lord Of Doubts is as mystical and smoked-out as the best of what Jus Osborn can produce if provided with enough morrocan weed to stone Ego the Living Planet out of orbit.

Brooding psychedelic riffing, down-tempo rhythm section (in order to go THAT slow on a Stoner/Doom record, they must certainly have smoked the complete frankincense stock out of the closest orthodox church near their rehearsal place) and all along, a drugged voice preaching the Gospel of Doom like if the Inquisition were once again unleashed.

But Lord Of Doubts is not an Electric Wizard copycat. To start with, they're less Heavy and more psychedelic. They're also less muddy, and don't go as strong on the fuzz-pedal as the english ritualists (a flaw that Osborn should start to take into consideration when composing). The best part? Lord Of Doubts just know how to carve into your mind a great chorus. The kind of chorus you cannot forget after having heard it just once - no one can resist the call of Temple Of The Riff : not only it has the coolest title EVER, but it has also some of the best lines since Witchcult Today). And every song featured here has a great chorus.

Right after the excellent demo from The Moon Mistress, Lord Of Doubts prove that you can create some stunningly good Stoner/Doom shite, even when coming from a country more renowned for its Funeral/Gothic/Death Doom scene. Now you too will know that the Mountains of Mars have been transferred in a frozen tundra, and you'll 'come to the altar', 'come to the Temple of the Riff'.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Temple Of The Riff
2. Take Me There
3. Endless Slumber
4. Satan's Magick Smoke
5. Heavier Than Universe
6. Electric World

Duration : Approx. 49 minutes

Visit the Lord Of Doubts bandpage.

Reviewed on 26-07-2010 by Laurent Lignon
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