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True traditional english Doom Metal. When groovy and mid-tempo it reminds of Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus, when more funerary and somber, Cat...
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Sloth (US) : It's Not Our Worst, AKA Progression?

AKA Progression?"

If I'm not mistaking, this compilation is Sloth's 26th release and the year which it was released is the ninth of the bands existence. As clearly suggested by it's sarcastically tentative name, this best-of covers tracks from the bands beginning, when they were called Exploder, and continues through as many of their highlighted releases as could be included in just nine tracks, before finally ending in the present with three brand new humpa-thumps that has never before (or since) been released. Based on an extensive back catalog of Sloth releases I feel quite certain on my first verdict: It's definitively not their worst! In fact I'd claim that it's a classic in the 'we don't give a shit how it's "supposed to be done"'-tradition that's so prominent in the core underground. A classic... With a picture of a turtle on the cover...

"AKA 5 years and this is the best we could do?"

All of these little quotes have been taken from the cover art on the CD. They're all typical for the satirical and self-ironic humor that frequents their works. Even when they're serious they still bite fiercely with quite poisonous remarks in a very blue-collar language. Mostly though, their music is as hilarious as it is angry. And it should be mentioned that these guys rarely make singalongs for children. Note that I said "rarely", not "never". Track 8, which features just Derek Erdman, a guitar and a phone-answering machine, is an acoustic and sort of children friendly version of the following track, number nine, which went by the name 'Anaconda' on it's original release. 'Anaconda' is my favorite track when I want to jump around and shout angry things (you'll have to hear it to understand) and children do a lot of this. Thus, while it was probably not intended, the acoustic remake is a great way for the kids to join in on the fun.

"AKA Destined for obscurity"

Sloth clearly never had any intention to leave the underground. Actually, the "band" seems to me to behave more like a group of buddies who take a pint or two before making a track or two together. I'm thus under the impression that the group members that appear on a given track are basically the ones that happen to gather together that day. These gatherings often seem to take place in the home of the most central member, Dom Kaveliski, and even he doesn't appear on everything. There are many bands who claim they make music because they like it, but few make music on such a leisurely basis. I support the notion fully. Grabbing a few beers with the guys before bellowing, albeit probably more sourly than these guys, is a great passtime!

"AKA The little band that nobody liked"

Sloth is a band for a select group of listeners, though many of them are quite die-hard fans. Their limited popularity might have something to do with their also quite limited pressing of their releases. Most of them are made on vinyl and typically only 100 copies are made, sometimes even less. Even this release is quite limited and clearly not intended for the masses. The more than unorthodox musical style probably helps as well. However, I still claim that most doom/sludge and sludgecore fans will find something of interest on this compilation. It at least hits the right spot for one dedicated Sloth fan, namely me.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Split 7" w/Boulder 100 Pressed Gold
2. Previously Unreleased
3. DBL.7"100 Pressed Green/White
4. Joy Is Gone 7" 100 Pressed Marble
5. Split 7" w/Beauty Pgeant 100 On Orange Repressed On Black
6. Powerty Level Gutter Swill Demo Tape
7. Split 7" w/Boulder 100 Pressed Gold
8. Split 7" w/Gob 100 Pressed Black
9. Split 7" w/Noothgrush 100 Blue 200 Red
10. Previously Unreleased
11. Previously Unreleased
12. Exploder 7" 100 Pressed Black

Duration : Approx. 39 minutes.

Visit the Sloth (US) bandpage.

Reviewed on 21-07-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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