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Luminaria : Arche

Luminaria is a Polish gothic metal outfit. They are recognized by some (including the band themselves) as doomy metal, which I guess is because they have so much in common with early Theatre of Tragedy (who often get the same label). I disagree, but each to their own opinion. They're also labeled as innovative but I cannot say I hear anything that Mystical Garden, Graveworm, or gothic period Little Dead bertha haven't done already. (Notice how I can say this and yet know so little about this scene.) What I do hear, though, is a band who has a rich musical enterprise and who knows how to create excellent moods of romance lost and gloomy Poe, as is appropriate for this kind of gothic metal.

So, to be brief. This album might suffer from a few things, including lack of originality as well as a name which does not catch the eye. Not to mention that the artwork gave me the impression that I would find heavy industrial influences on this disc, although there are none. If you find your way past all of this you'll nevertheless find an excellent band amongst its own kind. I at least experienced 'Arche' as a release which my ears will remember and cherish.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Intro
2. Unreasonably Forlorn Hours
3. World Built On Sand
4. Irmão *
5. Lust To Imprison
6. Obsession Élyséenne *
7. The Arabesque
8. Al Araaf (Luminous version) *

4. Brother
6. Obsession with Élysée/Hell
8. Purgatory (Luminous version)

Duration : Approx. 41 minutes.

Visit the Luminaria bandpage.

Reviewed on 16-07-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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