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Heavy and brutal death/doom, diSEMBOWELMENT have been known to go from blasting death moments to super-slow doom-metal, all done with deep growled vocals...
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The Dead : Ritual Executions

Hey, beware, there’s a zombie behind you!
What?? Come one man, you know zombies are slow, I’ll finish up my coffee and maybe I’ll go…
But wait man! Zombies can be fast, I saw that in 28 Days Later!!! Jee, see how he runs now! How he reaches out his arms, see his rotten teeth and…
Fuck the coffee!! Where're my car keys?!!

Now, The Dead are born in a grave and they’ve decided to come out and crush your face. First, they numb your vigilance by playing trudging Doom and in a split-second, they hurry up the pace and sharpen their Death and soon enough, they’re feeding on you.

Filthy doomy Death, sludgey molasses that sticks to your boots. Adam Kelcher takes care of the bass-guitar parts and damn, he knows his business! His whirling and vivid play helps greatly to evoke that feeling of imminent lethal thread. The drumming of Chris Morse is hectic and raw which fits with the horrific mood. But wait, what really stands out and shrink your balls instantly is the VOICE. Mike Yee has a voice… like…. How can i tell you?…it’s almost like processed, but nah! This guys just gargles each morning since he’s dead with tar what speeds up the decomposing of his larynx and gives a nice black colour to his teeth. This suffocating growling mustiness is coupled with insane, unearthly shouts that remind me of Lords Of Bukkake or Toadliquor.

This is all ugly crawling vermine, it boils in an incurable contagion that sticks to your skin and corrupts your brain cells alltogether. The band’s musical intentions are mean, obviously: it is all rancid fumes, it vomits and oozes and defecates and loses its purtid sement in a slimey phlegm, a pestilential mud.

The Dead's Death dwells indeed in Doom murky moors, like a serious version of Hooded Menace, like a meaner deliquescent Ramesses. It thunders, gives a feeling of chaotic and fierce corpses’ danse, a rambling blasphemic eructation that shakes the earth and discharges its raging fury. There’s Death and Doom, but it’s also crossed with brilliant moments of saving groove (a groovy dimension that transcends the last all instrumental long song ‘Death metal Suicide’ giving it a trance-like atmosphere).

In its Death-ish parts, the Dead are a boiling chauldron, rabid and tight, like an uppercut in your face. In their slower moments, they show some climaxing riffing, some vicious crawling leads that amplifiy and grow till the bubble explodes in a mouldy explosion and the zombie starts to run again. The whole thing pulsates like the soundtrack of the Apocalypse, crowning the awaking of the deads.

I must add two things on the negative side: if the riffs do work for themselves and within the ‘concept’, I always have the feeling I heard them before; they don’t sound original at all anyway. The second thing is the vocals: you really have to get used to it ‘cause they do sound a bit artificial. But it all works nonetheless and the songs are varied enough to draw an intriguing exciting course.

The Dead are definitely death-like, brutal and ominous yet fluid and dynamic; always opressive, always determined like a zombies army: first their sight frightens you to the bones, then the stench asphyxiates you and at the end, no matter what, you know you’re trapped. And that’s what I like in them: their aggressive, ravenous edge.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Burn Your Dead
2. Cannibal Abottoir
3. Centurion
4. Born in a Grave
5. Ritual Executions
6. Blood Angel
7. Death Metal Suicide

Duration : Approx. 46 minutes

Visit the The Dead bandpage.

Reviewed on 12-07-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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