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This band has gone under many names since it's birth in the late 80's. However they have been heavily inspired by Black Sabbath ever since their beginnin...
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Lords of Bukkake : Desorden y Rencor

If there ever was a band that I’d point out in a police line-up, it’d be Lords of Bukkake. They're guilty of whatever crime they’ve been accused of, but it would be no use to lock them up because they’d probably enjoy their time incarcerated in rancid filth. They’d creep out the toughest of convicts and quickly establish a reputation on the cellblock as being the ‘freaky inmate’ that you need to stay away from. Desorden y Rencor is abrasive Sludge at its finest, and also it’s weirdest. What would you expect from a band named Lords of Bukkake?

Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Desorden y Rencor would be a great offering from any American Sludge band, let alone, one from Europe. The songs are unfriendly, pissed off, and in-your-face, like a neighbor with a drug problem. At times Lords of Bukkake remind me of bands like Gallhammer or Burning Witch, but a little deeper down the rabbit hole. The vocals are heavily distorted and sound as if the singer’s throat is being boiled. The band trudges through psychedelic Sludge riffs with spacy noises, rhythmic freak-outs, and atonal guitar solos to back them up. At times the music just delves into pure chaos: the band unravel and seem to play whatever they want. Picture a rebellious orchestra in a mutiny against their conductor.

Lords of Bukkake are not too weird though. They still are an extremely accessible band for anyone who listens to Doom or Sludge. They have enough Eyehategod-inspired riffs to counter-balance their abstract parts, which creates a fresh brand of sludge that is mean, dirty, and psychedelic. I want more!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Llagas
2. Alucarda
3. Asco Desperado
4. Magia Necia

Duration : Approx. 40 minutes

Visit the Lords of Bukkake bandpage.

Reviewed on 11-07-2010 by Mark Breckles
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