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Sludge Metal outfit from the city of Novosibirsk in the south-western region of Siberia. Accordingly to their label, the band "try to combine sociopathic aggres...
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Orchid : Through the Devil's Doorway

Oh yeah, instant 70s! Just add Orchid!

My initial reaction however, was Trouble, and not just musically, since Theo Mindell's vocals remind me quite a bit of Eric Wagner. It's also quite pleasing to hear clear, and powerful vocals, that aren't buried in the mix!

If you're here for the 70s comparisons, well, where should I start? ...the phrase 'more Black Sabbath than Black Sabbath' has been thrown around quite a bit. After hearing this (way, way too short) EP, I cannot agree with that sentiment enough.

I'm going to throw in a few other comparisons. Second track, 'Eastern Woman' reminded me a bit of Flower Travellin' Band. More for the feel and theme of the song, than anything else. 'Son Of Misery', on the other hand, gives me a real Buffalo vibe, especially when it comes to the guitar ('Shylock', anyone?). Album closer 'No One Makes A Sound': Sir Lord Baltimore; 'I Got A Woman'.

This brings us back to the opener, 'Into The Sun'. If this one doesn't remind you of a groovier Trouble (think 'Come Touch The Sky', from 1992's 'Manic Frustration') then put this album down, re-educate yourself, and come back again to Orchid with a much greater sense of appreciation.

The great thing about this EP is that it takes all these 70s influences and makes, dare I say it, something just as amazing, if not even better! I only have one real complaint: It's too short. Four songs, just over 15 minutes. Is it worth it? Fuck, yes! Quality over quantity, but I want both!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :

1. Into The Sun
2. Eastern Woman
3. Son Of Misery
4. No One Makes A Sound

Duration : Approx. 15 minutes

Visit the Orchid bandpage.

Reviewed on 10-07-2010 by Matt Zuchowski
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