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Vast Hollow : ...Of Exaled Last Thoughts

I discovered many new bands through curious means; from the traditional friend request on MySpace to the more old-school way ’Y'know, I play in a band, ‘like to listen to my demo?' at gigs. This is more or less what happened to me when discovering Australian band Vast Hollow, except that this 2 tracks pro-CD was simply given for free before the Hellfest show of Swallow The Sun by a rather silent guy, who was distributing it to the audience.

The said silent guy was none other than Travis Ham, guitar/bass/keyboard player and shrieker for the said Vast Hollow. So, I was expecting some very mellow-dic Doom/Death bordering on Depressive Rock, and this is exactly what I didn't get. For Vast Hollow plays more in the mid-90's US Doom/Death tradition. There is hints of ’Amid Its Hallowed Mirth’, ’Majestic Thou In Ruins’ or ’Into The Autumn Shade’ here, but with a technical and cold approach like in the mighty days of ’Transcendance Into The Peripheral’.

What sets Vast Hollow apart from all their rare fellow countrymen playing Doom/Death is their hability to actually craft songs. Despite clocking at about eight minutes each, both tracks featured here are crushing in their sheer heaviness, dark yet romantic and damn well easy to keep in mind. A bunch of well-thought Black Metal elements (like shrieks) help to create another layer of cold aura in a music that wasn't especially joyful in the first place. And for once, it's good to hear a drum machine that doesn't sounds like one.

This is nearly 'Doom/Death for Dummies' that is featured here, but it is done with as much passion as personality. The cleverness operating here so that each element of the songs are effectively brought together in order to create something both classic yet different can only make you wonder which label will have the balls to give these guys a chance? They deserve to get signed as much as we deserve to hear more music coming from them.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Broken Rain
2. Cerebral Landscapes

Duration : Approx. 16 minutes

Visit the Vast Hollow bandpage.

Reviewed on 06-07-2010 by Laurent Lignon
Forever Autumn
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