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Eibon : Entering Darkness

Let's face it : when you talk about Sludge Doom, it's either images of the Louisiana swamps or the bleak and empty industrial landscapes of northern England that spring to mind. Never the sunny and friendly Paris 'mon amour'. Of course, the ‘Cité Lumière’ has also a dark mirror-image : kilometers of underground catacombs, where various kind of persecuted religious people, insane secret societies, rejected tramps ridden with disease and whoever is not considered 'suitable' enough, used to dwell...some still are.

So, no wonder you can find a Sludge band there. One band which takes its name from a famous hyperborean wizard created by Clark Ashton Smith : you couldn't find more macabre or bizarre here. And the musicians aren't newbies either. In fact, some of them were among the very first french musicians ever to play Doom Metal in the early 90's, with the legendary Garden Of Silence and Astral Rising.

Now, after a well-received split with fellow countrymen Hangman's Chair and a great first EP, Eibon unleash upon the masses their first album. The first thing that strikes everyone accustomed to the band's previous works, is the slight change in sound. Don't get me wrong, Eibon are still as ugly as sewer water : they've just brought in some epic-ness. The opening track ‘Through The Eyes’ just sounds as if Isis had suddenly decided to cover an Eyehategod track with the sound of Hellhammer.

This is Sludge Doom, allright : as slow, desperate and muddy as you can be. But this is also cold as stone, and definitely as grey.
The way Eibon conceive their music is pretty well depicted by the album cover art : a bleak, desolate, grey landscape of ruins. After the end of civilization, right when the nuclear winter kicks in. Winter, another name that springs to mind when listening to tracks like ‘Entering Darkness’ (which has a creepy feeling to it, with the samples of wind and what may be the voices of the damned stuck in limbo : Lucio Fulci would have died to have a chance to put this song in 'The Beyond') or the monumental closer track that is Path To Oblivion (whose name is a good description of what you'll find in it). Eibon has that same vibe of nothingness put into music that the New-York Doom/Death sewer kings had. But they've refined it. And, most important, they've perfected it to make it their own.

Entering Darkness has it all : huge riffs that'll drown you, precise musicianship, the hopeless atmosphere and most important : a strong personality. This is what sets Eibon apart from any contender, and make them as impressive and important to the french Sludge Doom sub-scene as Habsyll or Monarch. Any fan of sick and twisted music shouldn't miss a chance to enter darkness with them.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Through The Eyes
2. Entering Darkness
3. Convulse To reign
4. Substance
5. These Chains
6. Path To Oblivion

Duration : Approx. 63 minutes

Visit the Eibon bandpage.

Reviewed on 06-07-2010 by Laurent Lignon
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