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A side-project by Yearning members. The music combines powerful, heavy, simplistic riffage with beautiful, almost classic melodies. Atmospheric keyboards...
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Aluna : Fall to Earth

Alunah are a psychedelic-Stoner outfit hailing from the U.K. that stand out for the simple fact of having a female vocalist. I’d love to say that Alunah writes original songs or do something unique, but the truth is that they really don’t. The riffs that comprise the three tracks on Fall to Earth are standard Stoner-rock staples, recycled from bands like Orange Goblin. Luckily, Alunah has female singer, Soph, to save them from the murky abyss of mediocrity.

Heavily influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Kyuss, St. Vitus, and other accessible (dare I say ‘user-friendly’) heavy bands, it’s easy to see why Alunah sound the way they do. When I first popped the disc into my stereo, I was extremely surprised by the voice that streamed over the band. A rarity in the entire heavy-music genre--having a female ‘frontman’--Soph really makes Alunah shine. Her voice is extremely smooth, beautiful, and even sexy. I like listening to her sing… which is good for Alunah. It’s also a bit weird to hear lyrics sung about men. But it works.

Alunah needs to progress because Soph can only take them so far. The songs on ‘Fall to Earth’ are enjoyable, especially ‘Spend My Time,’ and ‘Show Me How.’ ‘Show Me How’ is the heaviest track on the album and the best. Here the band sounds tight. The vocal melodies are transfixing and catchy. The distorted bass plugs through the song like a battering ram. This is what I want to hear from Alunah in the future.

I haven’t heard Alunah’s debut full-length yet, 2010’s ‘Call of Avernus,’ but I’m hoping they’ve progressed and found their own identity, because they have too much talent on their hands to just blend in with the crowd.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Spend My Time
2. Son et Luminaire
3. Show Me How

Duration : Approx. 17 minutes

Visit the Aluna bandpage.

Reviewed on 06-07-2010 by Mark Breckles
Forever Autumn
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