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General Winter : III: Sunneater, General Winter & Destino/Entierro

This is a three bandsí split CDr released by the young spanish label Cain records, three Doom-mongers drenched in reverb, fuzz and drones.

Sunneater open the hosilities with what I really couldnít best describe as a Spanish version of Corrupted. It starts with a hypnotic sample of a voice that goes in a loop for a few minutes before the Corrupted-like lethal mammoth sound comes and shakes the earth. Itís totally crushing, but totally unoriginal as well. Loooong viscid riffs that sound as if slowly sinking in fetid peat bogs. What make them a bit different to other massive and ascetic sludgy Doom Drone acts (beside Corrupted, you could think of Sabazius or Ocean) are the shoppy electronic bits you find here and there, increasing the bleakness of the beast and bringing some dissonance that wonít be everyone's cup of tea, I bet.

General Winter are some other weird stuff: trudging through icy landscapes, this is a rare Doom varation operating here: Industrial Doom . If you know Zaraza, then, you obviously guess how General Winter can sound: COLD. Mechanical and bleak. The guitar chords sound very loose, releasing fat and unclear notes, the voice is a muffled type of grunt, it all works in slow-motion, like captured from far away.
There are those bleak notes that echoe in the icy void, underlaying the lethargic progression of the whole song - what doesnít forbid some catchier rhythms that make your head bang slowly or even quite fast when the band gets a little more nervous.
I like their part very much, I must say; the songwriting is coherent and efficient. General Winter are creating something personal and I do hope weíll hear from them in the near future.

Destino Entierro are somewhat different from the other two. They are more on the Sludge part of the Doom spectrum, between Grief and Lords Of Bukkake; like those two, itís crushing and angry. The drumming here is really impressive, itís super heavy and destructive. The vocals schift from mean growls to hysterical shrieks, but the alternation is far too repetitive and it really tends to get on my nerves after a while (both ranges are quite neutral besides).
The songwriting is near to zero, I must say. And the musicianship is quite average. What I like in my Sludge is the sick groovy bits that make your head swing with the threatening thud of Sludgeís filthy phlegm. Destino Entierro are too monolithic to make me sink in what Iíd wish were an acid swamp, but turns out to be an annoying puddle of clear mud. Some bleak guitar leads are really welcome, but the band doesnít seem to value them much as they just come and go.

Well, all in all, this is an interesting split. One good band, one very good and one not so good.
If your are into the most arid, uncompromising, anti-mellow kind of Doom, try it, Iím sure youíll find something for you in there.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Sunneater ((O))
1. The Call
2. March Of The Sunn
3. Slow Disintegration

General Winter
4. Stones

5. Prelude
6. Wasteland
7. Condemned
8. Drugod

Duration : Approx. 59 minutes

Visit the General Winter bandpage.

Reviewed on 03-07-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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