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One of the lesser known bands to emerge out of the death/doom metal movement of the 1990's. Though Morgion initially started as a pure death metal...
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Brigantia : The Chronic Argonauts

Oh yeah, this is Doom!

Brigantia is a three-piece hailing from Ireland, and this is their latest EP.

Now, instead of pointing out the more obvious comparisons, I will mention getting a more-than-slight Soundgarden vibe from the whole thing (Think songs like '4th of July' from ’Superunknown’). Perhaps with a slight hint of Iron Maiden, seasoned with a more-than-light dash of Australian 70's proto-psych/Hard Rock (it's my review, I can call 'em what I want!) band, Buffalo. How's that for a non-Doom comparison?

If you want a more doom metal description, how does early Trouble, Saint Vitus, and a rougher Solstice do it for you? ...yes, rougher Solstice, or perhaps even hints of While Heaven Wept. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't call Brigantia Epic Doom, but the music (especially when the chant-like vocals kick in) certainly has that feeling to it.

About the songs themselves, 'Time Machine Of Doom' is an interesting opener. The heavy doom fan may find this to be the weakest of the three tracks, but the more riff-based fan will likely enjoy this one the most. Personally, I prefer the other two, with the middle track, 'Prisoner', being my favourite, and the slower, lower 'The Eyes Of Lugosi' making for an excellent last song.

Overall, awesome! ...but I do have to ask, what's with the title? I didn't really get a Stoner vibe from this EP. I'd call it slightly-drunken Doom, more than anything. In the end though, if you like your Doom old school, you can't go wrong with Brigantia.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Time Machine of Doom
2. Prisoner
3. The Eyes of Lugosi

Duration : Approx. 21 minutes

Visit the Brigantia bandpage.

Reviewed on 28-06-2010 by Matt Zuchowski
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