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Mistress of the Dead : Mistress of the Dead

'Mistress of the Dead' may only have four tracks, but it's still supposed to be a 'best of' compilation. However, these four tracks are indeed good enough to warrant the compilation. The one man project that gave the name to the self-titled compilation, had only existed for a little over three years when this came out. Yet Vlad Cristea Vales, the man behind the music, has already managed to release a whole 11 demos and several full lengths. This is the output you'd expect from a band that has existed at least ten years! That and the rarity of all of V. C. Vales' releases does surely justify what might seem as a premature compilation. More importantly, the music is far from premature. In fact, the music is well produced and the musicianship quality is surprisingly high. Mistress of the Dead has taken Worship's old throne and V. C. Vales is a worthy heir.

The Worship influences are especially strong in the two first tracks, where ultra-slow funeral doom plod along with it's misery, nihilism and hideous death. In the two latter tracks a little more melody and an even stronger feeling of nihilism is brought in along with clear elements of Until Death Overtakes Me. The progress is unmistakable, and when the fourth and final track arrives, the music has shed it's depression to reveal the apathetic acceptance of zero hope. Yes, Mistress of the Dead has managed to turn Worship's music into a demise of even uglier proportions. This reflects, in my opinion, perfectly the vibrations of the most tortured souls.

As with all Mistress of the Dead releases not many copies were made of this tape. 200 plus the promo copies, to be exact. The compilation is long gone from the label, but you might catch it elsewhere. The fan of utterly depressive funeral doom should be keeping an eye after this. Mistress of the Dead is in my ears one of the best and most inspiring one-man doom metal projects that are currently active.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Postmortem Purgatory
    Twelve minutes and seven seconds, taken from "Warnings from Beyond" 2004
2. A Drowning Flower
    Eleven minutes and six seconds, taken from "The Blackened Cross" 2005
3. A Grieving Darkness
    Eleven minutes and twenty five seconds, taken from "Sepulchral Grief" 2005
4. The Gaddest Autumn
    Twelve mintes and fifty one seconds, take from "Cryptic" 2006

[edit by author: The tracknames actually does include the extra details and all spelling errors also appear on the cover.]

Duration : Approx. 45 minutes.

Visit the Mistress of the Dead bandpage.

Reviewed on 28-06-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
Aesthetic Death
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