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Sloth (US) : Audio Evidence of Contempt For Existence

When it comes to Sloth releases I keep on discovering that it's usually the rarest releases which are the funniest. This demo tape is no exception. I'm not sure how many copies were made of 'Audio Evidence of Contempt for Existence', but not one has been sold on eBay during the three years before this one appeared. Thus it ought to be pretty rare. Cost me a fair penny, but I don't regret it the least.

Even if I've heard 'Your Band Plays Benefit Shows' before it's still, in my opinion, one of their best and funniest tracks ever. As a bonus it's a doom metal track in the truest sense, with hints of Saint Vitus in it. 'Paul Baloff's Funeral' is yet another slow traditional doom track. It's about fish, no matter what the band says. More precisely, Paul Baloff has died and in his funeral the first person storyteller talks about what he ate there. Apparently he had to gather his own food from Paul's aquarium thinking that "it's what he would have wanted".

I'm not going to repeat the trackname of the first track - which, by the way, is also the complete lyrics. For those who don't already know, Wilford Brimley is an American actor with diabetes. I don't know why the band wants him dead and gone. Perhaps it's just a practical joke, like suicide bombing apparently is. It's all presented absurdly similar to a Jackass stunt and I guess that's why I still manage to find it funny. It's poor taste and I am ashamed... In any case. The three first tracks are mid-paced core/noise/sludge tracks, but their short length means that the demo still holds a longer running time of doom metal than core.

To continue the thought of the lyrics and practical jokes. Perhaps that yields some more meaning as to why the band thinks benefit show-bands are lame: They're just no fun! I'm probably making more interpretations than is reasonable, but it sort of illustrates this demo quite well, in my humble opinion.

It's releases like this that shows why Sloth belong in the underground and why they belong on it's throne: That way they can spread the music to the few who appreciate it and properly raise their middle finger up and out of the manholes for all the mainstream to see. This is definitively one of my most prized auditory possessions. But potential buyers should be warned. The sound on this tape is mixed way too high and might damage your speakers if you're not careful. [edit by author: Perhaps you could call this the tape that suicide-bombs your speakers?]

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Injecting Liquid Sugar into the Veins of Wilford Brimley with the Intentions of Making Him Go Blind and then Die
2. Ode to a Suicide Bomber
3. Suicide Bombers... They Get the Job Done A.K.A. Ha-Ha... You Got Killed by a Suicide Bomber
4. Your Band Plays Benefit Shows*
5. Paul Baloff's Funeral*

* The tracklist on the cover isn't numbered and diverges from the order found on the tape on one point: Track four has swapped places with track five. The tracklist we present here is in the order which the tracks appear on the tape as opposed to the tracklist found on the cover.

Duration : Approx. 16 minutes.

Visit the Sloth (US) bandpage.

Reviewed on 24-06-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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