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Extremely heavy sounding Drone/Doom act from Germany. Their music is somewhat comparably to Pelican but heavier. The band seems to make only instrumental...
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Various Artists : Crushers Killers Destroyers!

At first I was wondering whether I should classify this as a split rather than a compilation. There is after all only five bands present and they do several songs each, with the exception of Fistula who made one 14 minute long track instead. However since the follow up is without doubt a compilation, I'm classifying this as a compilation as well.

The lineup on 'Crushers Killers Destroyers!' consists of the heaviest and dirtiest bands within Shifty's stock. Mugwart is perhaps the least filthy of them, but they still make some quite heavy stoner/sludge metal. Their music is packs quite a punch with loud, aggressive guitars that almost drown the screaming of the core style vokills.

Goatsblood can on the other hand claim the title as the filthiest of the lot. The influences from Eyehategod are clear, but these guys prefer their stuff to be slower and contain occasional grindcore moments. These three tracks stand as a testimony to that slowness doesn't calm the aggression, it intensifies it. Recommended for fans of extreme sludge/doom.

Next on the list is Molehill. They play heavy sludgecore, but unlike Goatsblood not all their track have major doom metal components. Again there is the southern sludgecore feel of Eyehategod and again we get a testimony to that slowness doesn't make the music less aggressive. I find it to become quite the opposite. Recommended for the same fanbase as Goatsblood.

There is not much to say about Fistula. There is some noise involved, but mostly their track consists of a single note being repeated on the bass and an uninspiring drumwork. I guess it could be called drone, but most drone bands are more versatile than this track is. Fistula is an otherwise great band so it should be noted that this is hardly typical for their style.

Sloth haven't added any unique recordings to this compilation. Instead they have decided to use their space to re-release their tracks from the mCD 'Hail The Basement' (tracks 11-15) and their tracks from the 'Sloth/Raging Retards Split' (tracks 16-17). If you count the total number of copies made of both those releases you end up with the number 75. Since these tracks are clearly some of their best works, if not their best, this is one of the most recommended releases to get if you want to hear their music.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. 40/90
2. Gutter Drone
3. Pepper Eyewash Cleanse
4. Give Up The Ghost
5. Skeleton River
6. Tak Up
7. The Guilt Narcotic
8. My Black Jesus
9. A Somewhat Considerable Burden
10. Dysfunction
11. Hail The Basement
12. The Great Burning
13. Fart Torture
14. War
15. Return To The Basement
16. Choking Bitches
17. St. Vitus Cover

Duration : Approx. 74 minutes.

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Reviewed on 19-06-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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