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Cold and bleak Funeral act from Tbilisi. Clean guitar work contrasts with a low, rumbling, cavernous background and distant, brooding growls.
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Mountain Of Judgement : Mountain Of Judgement

With this review I'd like to present two good pieces of news to the reader. The first is the birth of an amazing doom/space band called Mountain Of Judgement, which I will return to later. The other news item regards the label, Russian Association of Independent Genres (R˙A˙I˙G). I've thus far only received three promos by these guys and I'm going label all of them as keepers. In fact, R˙A˙I˙G seems to be a spawning ground of new and awesome bands who defy genres in the search of distilled awesome. Let me express what this means for the wider doom community. With labels such as Solitude Productions the Eastern European doom community found the covens that allowed their congregation, but now things have been taken a step further. R˙A˙I˙G is uniquely the most avant-garde of all labels who release and promote doom metal, and this album shows how widely their occult chanting has spread. For Mountain Of Judgement are US Americans.

Yes, from Hickory, NC there comes a band who found their home in a Russian label. Perhaps this is due to that other labels cannot handle music as spaced out as this is, but I doubt that. After all Ufomammut has kept on going for years and both of the improvised space/kraut albums by Paul Chain - The Improvisor were released with acclamation. No, I strongly suspect that this phenomena happened because R˙A˙I˙G is like a magnet that attracts culminations of originality, and indeed that is one of the keywords in describing Mountain Of Judgement. The riffage used is often monotonously simple, avoiding to a large degree the elements of psychedelia and stoner which so many similar bands include. At the same time they don't create repetitive drones and cannot be labeled as doom/drone either. No, this is Hawkwind laid down in doom, this is the 2000 ton Ash Ra Tempel. This is the proof required for me to claim that the subgenre doom/space rock exists by itself and has a valid place among all the other subgenres. Furthermore, since this is an awesome band who clearly have the potential to make a classic album in the future, we might just find that this subgenre will spread as new generations of doomsters take their first unsteady riffs.

The first few spins of this album will remind the experienced listener of Abdullah's debut album, mostly because of the spaced synth and the incredible similarity between the voices of the vocalists. Of course, this also means that there are strong musical ties to bands such as Starchild and Ufomammut. The music floats through the vastness of outer space riding on massive waves of riffage - sometimes calmly contemplating, other times thundering ahead with all boosters set on max. I've done the namedropping and a description that does the music justice, you'll know by now whether this is your cup of mushroom tea or not.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Neptunes Reign
2. Magic Eye
3. The Witch
4. One Within the Beyond
5. Bringer of Infinity
6. Globule
7. The Burning Stone - Neptunes Reign
8. Magic Eye

Duration : Approx. 65 minutes.

Visit the Mountain Of Judgement bandpage.

Reviewed on 17-06-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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