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Ea : Au Ellai

The Russian anonymous outfit Ea is back with the third and final installement in a trilogy of albums dealing with ancient forgotten civilizations, their culture (or rather the few that is known about it) and the wisdom therein. Which cultures the albums are dealing with is never mentionned. But readers of books by the likes of Robert Charroux, Louis Charpentier, Jean Sendy or even Erich Von Däniken and Jacques Bergier may have more than a little idea about it. When it comes to music, Ea is echoing the ancient voices of dead civilizations, i.e. some very atmospheric Funeral Doom.

Long tracks, deep growls, some rare ethereal vocals, keyboards, sampled choirs, tombstone-like riffs and down-down-down tempo...All is there, and fans of Monolithe or Until Death Overtakes Me won't be disappointed.

However, I'm unfamiliar with both previous works from the russian act, but according to some, it seems that the band could have lost some heaviness and mystery. To me, what is striking are the arrangements : along the first listening session, I was thinking of a Funeral Doom version of Mike Oldfield's classic 'Incantations'. You'll find there the same ancient feeling, the same dreamy parts and the longing for long-gone centuries.

This is indeed the music of antique ruins, the mourning of civilizations dead and buried from a time before there was even an idea of Christ. And yet, beneath these stratas of sadness lies some entombed beauty also. I've been myself enthralled by the music displayed, and would not hesitate to recommend it to any doomster who wouldn't be afraid to indulge in daydreaming.

Curiously, Ea have created an album that is easy to grasp and assimilate, yet you need a bit of a time to fully understand it. The remarkable arrangements, as well as the general atmosphere, will also make it a pleasant surprise to more romantic doomsters who like to dwell in the Draconian sea.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Aullu Eira
2. Taella Mu
3. Tia Saeli A Taitalae

Duration : Approx. 52 minutes

Visit the Ea bandpage.

Reviewed on 11-06-2010 by Laurent Lignon
Forever Autumn
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