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Egypt : Egypt

Egypt. I didnít know nothing about this band. Egypt disbanded in 2005 tells me the internet. And that is a shame, really! Meteorcity offers us the occasion to (re)-discover that US trio that should have done a rich and successful career. Ayway...life is a bitch.

One only demo and this sounds like an old experienced band, though, some fine professionals playing some damn cool music. A warm wind blows on Egyptís music. Hot soundscapes stridden by seventies psychedelic vibes, a laid-back and elegantly hot bluesy Rock with a sophisticated flavour. Fuzzy and savage guitar lines that roar in their wild course, subtle et persuasive drumming, greasy bass pushed to the forefront, providing the hallucinated guidelines for the spacey trip the band invites you to.

The music provokes some really very cool desert landscapes; slow Doom Rock, beaten by the sun, dried by the whirling sand. The voice has that cool and disenchanted accents that can turn into angry imprecations. All the seventies progressive Rock scene is boiling in here. Cascading rhythms, virile and groovy harmonies... this is quite spriritual Stoner Doom.

The band can produce an irresistible dance-inducing swing in the way Cream and Clapton, Hendrix and Deep Purple could do it. Full of cool Rock attitude, these guys surprise with a fluent songwriting that manages to stay dense while letting room for little vibrating solos, thoughtful slowing-downs, echoing notes, exploding vitality and crushing hot-burning Doom.

I donít like to write a track-by-track review, and I wonít this time either; there all have some unique touches, though and all should be described as fantastic Stoner hits. The excellent production do them justice I must say; add a gorgeous cardboard sleeve as environmentally friendly package (as always with meteorcity) and you have been given all the good reasons to buy that album (note that there is a LP version of that demo released by Lyderhorn).

This is a very, very nice experience. And a personal and modern re-visitation of old days.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Valley of the Kings
2. Queen of All Time (Red Giant)
3. Dirty Witch
4. Touch Ground

Duration :

Visit the Egypt bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-06-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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