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Detritivore : Pakt

There are no percussions on this discÖ it took me some time to realize what this feeling of suspension, this latency and density that the music conveys was due to. Drone Doom is, much more than Funeral Doom , which, more than once, steps on the dark oppressive fringes of Drone, a music to physically experiment. Detritivoreís dark essay wonít depart from that particularity, that should be brandish as a golden rule (remember: maximum volume yields maximum results). Itís because Drone doesnít play with the same tools as other genres related to the Metal scene. Drone can do without any Metal elements. Detritivore arenít a Metal band. They are even less Metal than Asva or Earth. Weíre touching ambient, delicate, experimental and groping musical patterns. Groping for a sense, for an valid emotional content. I donít find any or so few.

It all works like an rough draft which would receive all the strokes of inspiration that the moment inspires. In concrete terms, you have a droning , buzzing underlayer wich streches into a growling mechanical breath. A second layer is made of synthetised disembodied female choir, a third of some climatic subtle effects a fourth of...guitars! Thatís almost intriguing to realize that there are musicians behind this bleak project, human beings, I mean. A big fat crushing bass and a lighter guitar that drop simple notes with a sense of suspense that matches the mystery of the spectral scenery Detritivore is trying to conjure up.

Until track 6 you have that type of intriguing puzzle: itís sometimes captivating, but more often, it really lacks coherence. On that sixth and last track, íFinaleí, the band starts to develop a real homogeneous songwriting, almost as if unwillingly giving in to some kind of expected convention: itís done simply, but the atmospheric and melancholic guitar lines, the almost groovy underlining bass feed that long composition in an effective manner, giving it a hypnotic power.

If you have a taste for the most experimental and... letís say Ďlightí side of Drone, give it a try (if you like Harvestman, take away a large part of the guitars and you can imagine some aspects of ĎPaktí). If you like Asva, Menace Ruine and Bloody Panda and are ready to stand a musical piece of the sort devoid of any vocals, give it also a try. Itís interesting.

Reviewer's rating: 5.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Postludium
2. Lutring
3. Messe
4. Undergang
5. Pakt
6. Finale

Duration : Approx. 35 minutes

Visit the Detritivore bandpage.

Reviewed on 07-06-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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