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Tetramorphe Impure : Tetramorphe Impure / Black Oath

This is a split tape released by Unholy Domain Records; it offers two bands from Italy the opportunity to let their Doom abilities boil over their countryís borders and flow to our ears. Those two young bands will soon make themselves a name, I tell you! Tetramorphe Impure play old-school Death Doom and Trad. Doom fanatics are given a treat with Black Oath.

If you are familiar with Evoken, then you will be familiar with how Tetramorphe Impure sound. Their Doom is very indebted to Evoken, Indesinence and that sort of ugly, vast, deep and horrific dirges. It is incredibly good in fact. You can hear that typical Ďdrop-likeí guitar sound that is one of the hallmarks of Evoken, as well as the rough growls, the whispered vocals and the severe and majestic riffs.

Itís really outstanding to hear such a young band playing with such amazing confidence and grace. The two tracks are expertly built upon very slow tempo, never sounding monotonous or tedious. These guys are easily one of the best extreme Doom bands Iíve heard as of late. Iím looking forward to hearing their music with a better production and released on a format that would give justice to their talent.

Black Oath open their way with a monks liturgical chant. The mood is set right away: solemn funerary sermons is what youíll get. Again, this is excellent stuff! The singer has a rather lyrical and nasal voice that matches the dark religiousity of the music. The pace sometimes fastens a lot more, giving place to crispy and virulent riffs, angry whispers and gosthly keyboards..

The songs are finely crafted little pieces of Trad Doom jewellery; the songwriting provides memorable moments of trudging Doom and shivering exaltation. The last song alone really justifies the purchase of that split: íThe Hanged Witchí is a soaring ode of devastating Doom that is built upon a pendulum rhythm assumed by the voice, which, at a certain point, culminates in an irresistible momentum led by crushing riffs and military drum patterns that always gives me the goosebumps! The song ends with a sad little melody at the piano...An instant classic!

Iíll place them along Fall of The Idols, Reino Ermitano and Wheel to help you figure out how good they sound.

Donít hesitate and make you a favour, something big is coming from Italy this year.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Tetramorphe Impure
1. The Last Chains
2. Eternal Procession

Black Oath
3. Black Initiation
4. Obsessed by Moonlight
5. Another Mourning
6. The Hanged Witch

Duration : Approx. 46 minutes

Visit the Tetramorphe Impure bandpage.

Reviewed on 28-05-2010 by Bertrand marchal
No God Only Pain
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