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The Extinct Dreams : Ars Moriendi

When good ideas turn bad...

I know that being innovative in Funeral doom is not something bands tend to try these days, but bands that try to do something a bit new shouldn't end in a wall the way The Extinct Dreams have.

Basically, this Russian outfit plays rather average Funeral Doom, complete with abysmal growls and keyboards, that, for no apparent reasons, turns into pure Grind extravaganza when you least expect it. This could be something interesting and fresh, if only those Grind parts weren't so badly played and so out of place.

Mention must be made of the drumming parts, which sink this album very low. Not only the drummer is bad as a musician (best idea: speeding like if you were Dead Infection while the rest of the band is playing at the pace of a snail), but he is also not helped by the production, that makes the drums sound like a badly programmed machine.

To make things worse, the rather long songs (with The Treatise About Marihuana clocking at nearly 14 minutes) make getting to the end of the album one hell of a suffering, with occasional rest when the Funeral sections manage to get on well: if The Extinct Dreams had worked more on those parts, they could have released something worth listening, and even enjoyable, instead of just another bad Funeral Doom album.

Free advice to the band: drop those awful Grind parts (or better: do a purely Grind side-project), hire a good drummer and concentrate on the feelings and not on how the music should be played according to the Doom book. You can only get better this way.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Death Inside
2. Shadows Of Light
3. Embrace Of Chaos
4. The Treatise About Marihuana
5. Ars Moriendi

Duration : Approx. 59 minutes

Visit the The Extinct Dreams bandpage.

Reviewed on 17-05-2010 by Laurent Lignon
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