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It's hard to tell wether these guys mix sludge/doom with stoner rock or traditional doom. It is probably most accurate to say that they do both. In addition to ...
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Decayor : Re-occuring Times Of Grief

Decayor... Never heard of them before their MySpace songs hooked my ears. Liked it, bought their EP (a mere 7€), listened to it, liked it, reviewed it. That's how it all went. This band is hailing from Donegal in Ireland and quite funnily, you actually hear those Irish roots in their tough and mineral compositions.

Decayor play a kind of old-school Death Doom Metal , directly inspired by bands that just slowed down their Death, making it sound despondent but keeping that straightforward energy, that aggression, that rawness and the overall morbid vision. No keyboards yet, no tears, no romanticism, no cosmic elegy. Just terrible death and inevitable doom.

'Re-occuring Times Of Grief' begins with a short ambient intro. I wish it was longer or just not there, it's not very interesting nor very useful as it is.

The ingredients are typical: deep growls, mournful leads, it's also quite "climatic", like the Irish weather, you know: rainy and grey and misty – I sometimes hear some Primordial in there for that matter; Decayor's sound is proud and epic to some extent.

It's striking how the songs two and three are cut the same way: Like we have two ideas for one song and we double the first idea to place it at both ends. Heavy Doom – black-ish outburst – heavy Doom or heavy Doom – quiet passage – heavy Doom. Ok, the music is good, and straight but it sounds a bit systematic; and systems don't work with music. The last track is the one I prefer. It is classic but moves on fluently, it has all you want: clear vocals (I must say Pauric Gallagher, who also composed all the songs, has a great powerful and moving broken voice), crushing Doom and blackened accelerations, good riffs and good leads.

The layout reminds me of 'Antithesis of Light' by Evoken and that's a very good point, I worship that artwork and Decayor prove once again, that they have good taste.

'Re-occuring Times Of Grief' is a good piece of Doom. It is available through the band at their MySpace page; I recommend you to spend those 7€, this is worth it.

Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. Stir Of Echoes
2. Veil Of Despair
3. The Sacred Heart Is Bleeding
4. Weeping Willows

Duration : Approx. 33 minutes

Visit the Decayor bandpage.

Reviewed on 17-04-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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