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What strikes first is the raw, home-made production: the sound of the two-piece outfit is blurred, unfocused and droned-out. The whole music is shrouded in a ...
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Nox Aurea : Via Gnosis

For now, Nox Aurea is still a clone.

Coming from Sweden, hereís a new band that isnít playing the usual Candlemass-influenced Epic Doom but rather the Gothic Doom made prominent by fellow countrymen Draconian. To go even straighter to the knotty point: Nox Aurea is a Draconian clone. Female vocals and symphonic keyboards and mournful guitars and deep beastly male growls and dark artwork...All this is well done, but devoid of anything really personal.

Despite starting with such strong negative points, Nox Aurea still manage to bring something a bit interesting in their first release : musicianship. For Nox Aurea is a wee bit more technical than Draconian, especially in the guitar and bass area. This is due mostly to the presence in the band of Peter Laustsen, guitarist for the technical Black Metal band Rimfrost. Now, the problem is that Rimfrost is nothing more than a good Immortal clone, And thus may explain why Nox Aurea is nothing more than a good Draconian clone. Therefore, if you like Draconian, there's pretty much every chance you'll like this first release from Nox Aurea.

Now what I really want to say to the band is this : what can be forgiven for a first album will surely become an hinderance if the band canít develop a personality of their own. There's copycats of well-known bands everywhere on the Doom scene, and in these days of digital music and financial crisis, it's pretty sure that the fans won't have the money for the clone when they can get the original.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Opus Draconus
2. The Funeral Of All
3. Odium Divinum
4. Suffer
5. Distant Stars
6. Nights In Solitude
7. Last Amongst Earth And Sky
8. Mother Alethia
9. Via Gnosis

Duration : Approx 71 minutes

Visit the Nox Aurea bandpage.

Reviewed on 16-04-2010 by Laurent Lignon
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