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Abstract Spirit : Tragedy And Weeds

Now here's a band that was the reason for a heated argument recently between fellow reviewer Bertrand Marchal and yours truly. The reason is quite simple: Are Russian Abstract Spirit a good band, and is their album 'Tragedy And Weeds' worth purchasing?

Let's start simply : the band is formed by an ex-Comatose Vigil and two ex-Twilight Is Mine (a BM band, for those unfamiliar with them) and they display a rather weird kind of Funeral Doom that can be best summarized as a cross between late era Shape Of Despair and Pan-Thy-Monium. So, really nothing in common with the black depths that Comatose Vigil has accustomed us to. The music, as I said, is weird. This is due mostly to the use of some very curious change in rythmics, not unlike some stuff you can find in Mathcore or the most technical Death Metal bands, and there's horns on top of all that! Albeit used with the help of a keyboard (as no mention is done of the use of a trombone or a saxophone in the booklet), these horns do nicely complement a music that was already rather...well, I've said it twice already : weird.

Curiously, nowhere you can't find anything really new when listening to this album. While the lyrics are as abstract as the name of the band could hint, the music manage to be weird (did I said it before?) yet easy to grasp. Which makes this album an enjoyable listening while being a complete mess sometimes, to the point where you start to ask yourself 'but what had they in mind when composing their songs?'

I've enjoyed this album, but couldn't point out really the reason why. It's well done, I was never bored and yet it's pretty much nothing but decent, with chaotic structures and a lot of keyboards (which I don't find flooding the music, but Bertrand has a different opinion on this matter).

This will be a strictly 'love it or hate it' affair here. While completely non-surprising, despite the weirdness of the music, the album never manage to expand the mind and make you think abstract thoughts. A failure? I think not, just one more decent Russian Doom album.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Tragedy And Weeds
2. Funeral Waltz
3. Crucifixion Without Regret
4. Face The Nightmare
5. Wrapped In Solitude

Duration : Approx. minutes

Visit the Abstract Spirit bandpage.

Reviewed on 15-04-2010 by Laurent Lignon
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