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Incredibly slow doom/black project which, despite the common speed outbursts, borders on funeral doom. The music has a strong emphasis on atmosphere, with a ric...
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Zoroaster : Voice of Saturn

Zoroaster has been around for many years, playing a great amount of gigs and building itself a very good reputation on the Stoner Doom scene. 'Voice of Saturn' is only their second full-lenght though; and the first I listened to. I must say, if everything they did is as enjoyable and......well, yes, moving, Iíll buy the whole damn show!

'Voice of Saturn' displays strange moods, atmospheres that have the taste of past days. The album is all made of telluric vibrations, strident undulations, it is full of swaying elastic rhythms; the tracks go forth at the pace of an old rusty pendulum, the oscillations are slow and regular, like a tired gyroscope. The six songs follow on, dragging their meditative melancholy, full of droning reverberations.

Brent Anderson (bass) and Will Fiore (guitar) share the vocals; they recite their acrimonious mantras with a hoarse and exhausted voice. The hypnosis is rural, primitive, it involves simple emotions: melancholic piano notes, an American countryside background, a modest home where some light dust swirls in the air, where time has slowed down in the warm sunlight of a late afternoon... Greasy bass, tantric choirs, insistent drumming. It is a pagan mass, feverish.

'Voice of Saturn' is like the secret annexe of a world that does not want to end; it has its dark corner, full of buried souvenirs of tumultuous passions. There is a sweetness in these Doom rhythms, like some kind of a satisfaction in the quiet vocal lines, some bitterness and fear when they turn into a screaming anger and when the band stubbornly hammers its imprecations.

The feet sink heavily into the dry soil, the bass roar, the guitar drops acid solos by fits and starts. Itís simple and straightforward, an almost dreamlike experience that is enhanced by some hypnotic retro electronic effects, like random fiddlings, waving and swirling; all thickening the psychedelic fumes the disc drags in its wake.

íVoice of Saturní is a great Stoner Doom trip; it certainly keeps all the distinctive flavours of the genre: the heaviness, the psychedelic reverberations, the hazy and monotonous moods...But it also takes some other, more original directions: as I said it, I find this twisted chants moving; thatís a qualifier you donít encounter so often in that peculiar genre. And that makes that album doubly enticing.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Intro
2. Spirit Molecule
3. Undying
4. White Dwarf
5. Voice Of Saturn
6. Lamen Of The Master Therion
7. Outro

Duration : Approx. 54 minutes

Visit the Zoroaster bandpage.

Reviewed on 07-04-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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