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Weeping Silence : End of an Era

Weeping Silence is coming from Malta, a small island state in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Normally this country is known to Europeans as a warm and nice place for their vacations. To Europeans with weird interests it is known for an incredible museum of torture devices from the middle ages; for devoted Christians is known as the place where St. Paulís prison ship shipwrecked and was bitten by a snake. Metalheads normally ignore this place. However, because we are doomsters we know and respect this small country as it is known to us for one of the finest doom metal bands that exist today: Forsaken. Actually, Mario Ellul, one of the two guitarists of Weeping Silence, used to play for Forsaken.

The band has existed since 1995 and this is its first album. However, they released two demos in the past; they both received good reviews. The album begins and ends with two short instrumental pieces, 'Mourning Reign' and 'End of an Era'. I'm mentioning them first because the remaining four songs can't be really separated and reviewed one by one.

The compositions of the band reveal influences from bands both inside the Doom genre as well as those playing Symphonic Metal. I could describe their sound as close to that of While Heaven Wept with many melodic, acoustic and progressive parts, yet with a very subtle epic element. Also Weeping Silence has many elements in common in the symphonic nature of their songs with those of bands like Nightwish or Epica; that particular side of the band is amplified by the fact that they use a female vocalist who - without any exaggeration - is in the same league than the vocalists of the aforementioned bands.

I must also note the fact that Weeping Silence do not only create music that is beautiful but they are also able to write lyrics that could stand independently as poetry. To me, the lyrics sound and feel as an elegy to those that are left behind and their feelings of rejection, abandonment and loss. I think that it is intentional as the entire album is dedicated to Daniel Magri, a member of Forsaken that died few years ago.

I can't pick out a song as better than the rest as all of them are on the same level of quality; perhaps 'Darkness In My Heart' which is the darker and most heavy song of the album will be the most appealing song to most of you, but for the people who listen music with headphones and low lights the entire album will keep them good company for long time.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Mourning Reign
2. Deep Regret
3. Tell Me Why
4. Crystal Images
5. Darkness in My Heart
6. End of an Era

Duration : Approx.

Visit the Weeping Silence bandpage.

Reviewed on 07-04-2010 by Dimitris Plastiras
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