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Nunslaughter : Nunslaughter/Sloth Split

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[note by author: This split has two covers. The two lowermost images are the standard cover that's found on all the copies. The upper one is an extra casing found on the 58 "special" copies made in addition to the 400 regular ones.]

I honestly have to admit that I love the cover of the special edition of this 7". It contains the image of a ninja-sloth that's slaughtering nuns! How describing isn't that! As a bonus there's even a pink, little, happy snail to the right on the branch. Awww... It loves the blood too. That's so cuuuute! The perfect cover for one of the best 7" in my collection.

A less fortuenate (yet insignificant) note on the artwork is that the labels on all the 7" have been switched.

Nunslaughter starts off the feast with two tracks containing brutal, oldschool, anti-christian death metal in the vein of early Slayer. The pace is high, the melody is raw, and the guttural growls by Don of the Dead are filled with high quality aggression. I haven't heard more from this band than this, but in my ears it's definately one of the best bands in the genre.

Sloth preoccupy themselves with "nerdinjas", who according to them are "a nerd and a ninja. Nerdinja!" They're cool and no one else is a match for their "ninja skills" as they kill you six times before you can hit them. This description is accompanied by an angry sludgecore melody; three true Eyehategod influenced pieces. Coming from Sloth, that's worth my money anyday.

Nunslaughter is probably the biggest band Sloth has ever done a split with. Both bands do an excellent job and the tracks are brilliant within their own genres. Whether you like oldschool death metal, tough yet funny sludgecore, or just any of these two bands in genneral... Then you have to have this little piece of vinyl. There was a whole 558 copies made so it''ll be easy to get hold of a copy. In other words, there is no excuse not grab this if you want it.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. God Has Lied
2. Hornets In The Chapel

3. "nerdinja"
4. "big pharm scam"
5. "nerdinja" (reprise)

Duration : Approx. 11 minutes.

Visit the Nunslaughter bandpage.

Reviewed on 05-04-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
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